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List of all social groups at Stratics Community Forums.

Most Members

  1. United We Fight [UWF]
    48 members, 7.4K views.
  2. Knights Of The Valorian Order [*VK*]
    32 members, 8.4K views.
  3. Gilfane
    31 members, 7.3K views.
  4. TnT/TnA
    25 members, 5.7K views.

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How to make it on Siege Perilous
Small, mostly dormant PvM guild on Baja. (Not associated with PaxLair.)
Small, mostly dormant Great Lakes/Atlantic PvM guild.

public Gilfane

Lawful, community-based guild on Siege Perilous
Alliance of Unwanted and Outlaws of Siege Perilous

public VIC

Eternally Victimized
Sosaria Oldest and Largest Treasure Hunting Professionals
Fun and Fellowship and We Still Train the Best!
Having no more masters, we now serve ourselves.

public Vesper

Roleplaying the free peoples of Vesper
We are a neutral RP guild, you can be good or evil, color do not matter, as long you share the fun
Death begets life. For the glory of the House. (Siege Perilous)
Red & Purple Pixies of the Yew Wood (Atlantic)