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Information - Knights Of The Valorian Order [*VK*]

Quick Overview

A Social Guild Located On Atlantic. We Are Involved In PVM, PVP, And RP.
Created at:
Apr 18, 2014
The Valorian Knights
Discussion Messages:


*VK* is very involved in the Atlantic community, organizing hunts and events anyone on the shard is welcome to participate in. Our goal is to help our members succeed and have fun in UO. The guild has players who enjoy every aspect of the game, PVM, PVP, crafting, fishing etc. The guildhall and guild town are located south of the Trammel Yew moongate. The current leader of the guild and founder is Captn Norrington.


  1. No scamming anyone, whether they are a guild member or not.
  2. No stealing from guild or alliance members.
  3. No killing guild or alliance members without their permission.
Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016, Updated By: Captn Norrington


#1 Members are not allowed to steal from guild or alliance members.
#2 Members are not allowed to scam anyone, for any reason.
#3 Members are not allowed to harass anyone, for any reason.

Membership Requirements

The guild has no official requirements, however all members must agree to follow the guild rules.


  • Atlantic