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Information - Gilfane

Quick Overview

Lawful, community-based guild on Siege Perilous
Created at:
Apr 23, 2014
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Gilfane is a semi-role playing guild on Ultima Online's Siege Perilous shard. The guild is built around community and we strictly follow the path of law, prohibiting acts of aggression against innocents and anti-social behaviour such as the gratuitous use of foul language. The guild welcomes all types of players and characters of any level of experience and ability as long as they are friendly and generally virtuous. We are particularly known for our abilities in the hunting of monsters.

The name 'Gilfane' refers to the home town of the guild, a city-state of over forty houses located east and north-east of Skara Brae (see map), over half of which are open to the public. At the heart of the town is the Citadel, the central meeting place for guild leaders and members alike, and the location of the Great Hall.

Members of the community belong to one of the Gilfane Houses, each of which has its own leader, guildhall, customs, rules and symbols. New members choose a House to join based on a variety of factors such as existing friendships, size, specializations, theme or perhaps just location of the guildhall. Members may also, if they wish, create their own House within the guild. While the guild acts collectively on most things and the primary fealty of all members is to the guild as a whole, their secondary loyalty is to their House. Friendly rivalry between Houses is actively encouraged with the most successful being known as 'the Ruling House'.

Overseeing all the Houses is the Keeper of the Hall, or GM, who is in charge of organization and recruitment for the guild as a whole, ensuring all decisions are made in a fair-minded manner for the good of all members.

Gilfane is the leading member of the White Council alliance, which shares our core values of lawfulness and honour. The alliance firmly rejects the use of cheats & exploits and prohibits discussion on how these may be achieved.



* Membership is open to all players of a generally good, friendly nature.

* Members of the guild need not be role players, but they must be able to interact with role players and not do anything to spoil their enjoyment.

* Members must display their guild tag at all times.

* Members should act in a mature manner both in-game and in other communication channels. They should endeavour to communicate without excessive use of 'text speech' or slang, especially on in-game chat. Gratuitous use of profanity in text or speech communications is expressly forbidden.

* Members must not perform hostile acts (combat, theft, etc.) against any innocent players, and must not attack others purely on 'colour'. Only those guilds and individuals (red or blue) who have harmed our guild or are known evil-doers (which includes people caught running scripts) should be the target for such attacks. Never res-kill a fallen enemy if they pose no further threat.

* Try to maintain a sense of honour at all times. Where possible, try to help those new to the lands or those requiring aid. Never stoop to the level of our enemies, no matter the provocation.

* Do not use public forums or chat channels for excessive bragging or complaining about in-game events. Always consider how a forum thread may reflect upon the guild regardless of the justification for your own posts.

* Applicants will generally be turned away if their names are non-standard, modernistic or inappropriate. Examples of non-standard names are those with mixed case (GriMwOld, GAnDAlf) or all upper case.
Where available, members should make use of UOC and speech servers during hunts.

* Gilfane does not condone the use of scripting or other cheating tools, particularly those for use in combat or the gathering of resources.

Membership Requirements

There are no special requirements other than a mature attitude and being able to follow the rules of conduct.


  • Siege Perilous

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