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Am I the only one?

Discussion in 'Warhammer Discussion Hall' started by Ravenspyre, Nov 24, 2008.

  1. Ravenspyre

    Ravenspyre Guest

    Am I the only one that was disappointed that the Undead Armies were not playable for WAR? Don't get me wrong, I like WAR I like all the ideas in it, but when it comes to Warhammer I am always playing an undead army or a vampire count army. So in that regard, I think I came up with some semblance of how to add a third faction to the game to continue the WAR.

    Undead Army
    Many tend to think the undead are mindless entities controlled by a single source. But the reallity is even worse, as those of particularly black hearts can come back from their graves to ravage the lands of the living. They care not who they are, they just want to see anything living extinguished from the face of the earth.

    Wight - Wights are the tanks of the Undead Army, not unlike the Ironbreaker or the Black Guard. They use their hate for the living to strike fear into the hearts of all around and cleave flesh from bone with their horrid, rusty weapons. The tough, undead hide of a wight makes them shrug off blows that would fell any mortal person.

    Wraith - Wraiths are the melee DPS, wielding scythe or daggers, they silently weave througha battlefield, reaping their victims and shuffling them off this mortal coil to bond their soul to the dark lord Nagash.

    Liches - Liches are the ranged DPS, using dark necromantic energy and animating the bones of the dead and the flesh of the recently dead to create minions ot do their bidding. Liches are versed in dark magics that even the bravest magi of Order or Destruction fear to speak.

    Mummies - The Tomb Kings were also powerful priests to dark masters. In death their power has only increased, letting them use powerful necromantic energies to fuel and aid the Undead Army, as wella s bring down devastating plagues on their enemies.

    Vampire Bloodlines Army
    In the long nights there were four noble familes that were tempted by the dark gift of immortality, and each of these vampires spawned into a bloodline. These vampiric bloodlines were gifted with many unique powers beholden to them, as well as their dark gift of immortality, living off the blood of others.

    von Carstein - The noblest of nobles, at least in the eyes of a von Carstein, these vampires enter the fray of battle and channel their necromantic energy into boosting the combat prowess of their allies. They are not unlike a war priest.

    Blood Dragon - The Blood Dragons use to be an elite group of knights for the Empire, until a noble man visited one night. After that fateful evening, the Blood Dragons have become one of the fiercest bloodline of vampires known throughout the lands. Tanks by nature, the Blood Dragons issue forth their battle commands, having once been knights of the relam, knowing full well the strength and power of such battle tactics.

    Necrarchs - The ranged DPS, wielding dark necromantic energy to blast their foes, Necrachs are very dangerous and hideous vampires to encounter. Most wish to be left to their own devices, but once a Necraches Ire has been peaked, nothing short of the total destruction of their foe matters.

    Lahmia - The Lahmia vampires are assassins, using the old art of seduction and trickery to better their goals. This bloodline of all female vampires uses their looks to their advantage to seduce then slit the throat of their adversaries when they least expect it.

    Anyways, my ideas, need a third group, though I think the Skaven would fit there, since they are typically hanging around undead armies, if not in their employ.