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B^L Auction 2/26/11 @ 7:00pm EST

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Events' started by Giggles, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Giggles

    Giggles Wielder of Ebil Cookies
    Moderator Professional Stratics Veteran Social Media Liaison Stratics Legend Campaign Supporter The Squirrel Empire

    May 12, 2008
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    B^L Auction 2/26/11 @ 9:00pm EST

    Its almost Time!!!

    Announcing B^L's upcoming live auction.

    This will be on Saturday February 26th at 9:00pm EST.
    The auction house is located inside Luna walls at the inner s/e portion. It is a large Grey house with BL on the roof.

    Submissions are now Closed

    Items for sale... (pictures under list)

    - Dread Mare (35mill min bid) (This is not a submitted item and not a guaranteed sale.)

    - A magical lockbox (10mill min bid)

    - Two story tall rubble tree (no min bid)

    - 5.0 Animal Taming (4mill min bid)

    - Royal guard +4 intell boots replica (2mill min bid)

    - Gladiators collar replica (10mill min bid)

    - Protector of the battlemage tunic (2mill min bid)

    - Crystalline Ring (5mill min bid)

    - 4 soulstone frags (no min bid)

    - Blaze and Dryad green neon parrots (no min bid)

    - Hair dye in green square bottle (no min bid)

    - Special beard dye (no min bid)

    - Paroxysmus swamp dragon (no min bid)

    - 24 random AOS clothes and shoes (no min bid)

    - Blood tile (no min bid)

    - Rubble bench (tall back 2 piece) (25mill min bid)

    - 120 eval scroll (1mill min bid)

    - +25 stat scroll (no min bid)

    - Glacial Blue spellbook (no min bid)

    - Token for your natural hair dye (no min bid)

    - Token for Haochi’s pigments (no min bid)

    - 4 different library glasses (Folded steel, reading glasses, necromantic, and Anthropomorphist) (1mill min bid)

    - A shirt sewn by Lerajie (5mill min bid)

    - 5 clothes labeled “green” includes cloak, surcoat, skull cap, wizards hat, and straw hat. All crafted by Lerajie (5 mill min bid)

    - Token of holy favor (4 mill min bid)

    - Armor of fortune (3mill min bid)

    - Blue Angel statue of G’thunk (10mill min bid)

    - Rangers cloak of Augmentation (5mill min bid)

    - Full soulstone Token (5mill min bid)

    - Conjurer’s Trinket and Grimoire (10mill min bid)

    - Gender Change Token (10mill min bid)

    - 7 random general spellbooks (5mill min)

    - +25 stat scroll (no min bid)

    - 120 Vet, Tactics, and Parry (no min bid)

    - Europa gold Apron (1mill min bid with a reserve price)

    - Europa gold Kasa (1mill min bid with a reserve price)

    - Europa gold Cloak (1mill min bid with a reserve price)

    - Ethy Beetle and Midnight bracers (no min bid)


    Thank you sellers for your submissions!
    I hope to see you all there.