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Discussion in 'Darkfall Stratics Forums' started by worldspin85, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. worldspin85

    worldspin85 Guest

    Age Group: 20+
    Races: Human/Mirdain/Dwarf/Alfar
    Website: www.oraclesrealm.com
    Voice Chat: Ventrillo
    My Email: [email protected]
    Timezone: ALL
    Join Now: Apply

    AIM: King BloodFest


    Who is BLOODFEST?
    BLOODFEST is a structured, hardcore, and casual guild. We are open to all different types of play styles. Our alignment is Lawful Chaotic. We are looking for more fun, laid back players to bond with. We look forward to allying with other guilds. We listen to all ideas and suggestions in order to improve our guilds experience in the game.

    Why join BLOODFEST?
    We are looking for mature but fun players. We require that our players be 20+, as we feel this age is appropriate for the level of maturity that we are looking for. We are not looking for people who constantly call people "noobs" when they ask a question, or people who like to cause drama. This game is going to be full of new members who are going to have lots of questions, and we will respect that. We expect all of our members to respect each other and the other players in the game as well, as our actions will reflect our guilds name. We do not want to have to constantly advise our members. We want to feel comfortable when we promote a player, and be able to trust that they are going to take care of the guilds name.
    As all guilds in this game, our guilds will have enemies. If you kill our guild members, we will kill you. If you disrespect our guild members, we will most certaintly disrespect you. We will always stand by our fellow members, and have their backs in any situation. We will defend our guilds name at all times, and kill anyone that talks badly about the guild.
    We look forward to learning tactics, ideas, and much more from new players. We have many experienced PvP players who have great ideas of how to go about DFO. We intend to be organized but at the same time have a great experience while playing Darkfall.


    BLOODFEST Goals in DFO:
    Our guild plans on starting out as a small-medium guild, and growing in population as we grow in strength and power. We would like to start out in a smaller area in Agon, and build from there. We plan on having a guild city in which we can defend. Being that it costs a significant amount of money to have a guild city and hire guards, etc. we need to all work together. That is why we are looking for a mature group of people who are able to contribute a decent amount of time into helping the guild grow.
    We do plan on raiding other guild cities and taking them over, though that will take a certain amount of time before we can do that successfully. We plan on having a large crafting system, so that we are always geared to go out and kill in the world of Agon. [If anyone is interested in crafting, please state that in your application].
    We have a large variety of goals in DFO. You can find out much more on our guild site and by talking to our other guild members.

    BLOODFEST Guild System:
    War General [position open]
    Followed under King and Queen is the General, the General will be set up too oversee the protection and communication between kingdoms and clans. He can give orders to send reinforcements from section of the empire to the other. The General can also assgin diplomats to under take special roles.
    Commander [position open]
    Each City will be governed and defended by a Commander. The Commander will report to the General. The Commander can also undertake a immediate order to which at any time the borders are infiltrated they can execute the KOS order, which that if the borders are threatened they can engage in hostilites but must inform the Diplomat, General and Clan leader or Leaders.
    Commander will be incharge of the Infantry Captian, Cavelry Captian and Naval Captians. The Captains of each regiment are to make sure they're units are equipped with the modern armor and weaponery.
    Diplomats [position open]
    Diplomats will be under the General but under the watch of the Commander. The Diplomats are the mouths and ears of the clan, they are too undertake the diplomatic efforts of the clan. Whether it is to take on allys or threaten other empires. They are also to report to the general of the latest news from the world of Agon. They are too inform the clan which areas of the world are safe and which are not.
    Scout Officer [position open]
    The Scout Officer is to Report to his superiors being the Commander, Diplomat, General and Leader or Leaders. The Scout officer is to patrol the kingdoms borders. They are too scout out for any enemy trespassers and to defend the border regions of the kingdom.
    Tradesmens House [position open]
    The Final section the clan is the Tradesmens House. They are to oversee the Production Of Resources for the Clans everday needs. Without a good income of resources the clan cannot have their success. They are to report the General, Commanders and Leader or Leaders of the clan.

    Who is Welcome to Join BLOODFEST?
    We are currently welcoming all races into BLOODFEST. We look forward to meeting new people and having fun playing the game for what it's worth. We are looking for players who are active, have a sense of humor, and play for not only competition but also fun. Roleplayers are welcome, though our guild is not solely a roleplaying guild. If you are interested, please send an email to [email protected]. You can fill out an application on our forum.

    My Guild Leadership History:
    I am a current guild leader in the game Vanguard; Saga of Heroes. The guild has been around since the launch of the game. This guild is the second largest on the server, and is very successful. I, along with the other guild leaders, very much enjoy running a community of great players. Many of my guild members are coming over to play Darkfall from Vanguard, and they are awesome people. I am looking forward to playing with them and many new players from all over the world. Hope to talk to you all soon.