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Clan Recruitment - Darkfall Online - Exilium

Discussion in 'Darkfall Stratics Forums' started by Nadraxes, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Nadraxes

    Nadraxes Guest



    Server: US-based
    Races: ARAC
    Recruitment: Open but limited - Highly Picky​

    Quick Summary:

    - Member of Legend-Gaming Community

    - Community founded in 2006

    - Website: http://www.legend-gaming.net/darkfall

    - Forums: http://www.legend-gaming.net/darkfall/forum/index.php

    - Dogma: http://www.legend-gaming.net/darkfall/dogma.php

    - Ventrilo: Yes, two dedicated and completely private servers.

    - Number of 'Active' Members: > 100 - inactives are removed weekly

    "We are Exillium, exiles of all peoples, lands, kingdoms and creeds. We are assembled together, sharing a common bond and a common fate."

    Who is Exilium?:

    Exilium is a chapter of the Multi-gaming Community; Legend-Gaming. We originally formed in June of 2006 under the name Hand of Set, a PvP/Rp guild for Age of Conan. In January of 2008, Hand of Set decided to form a multi-gaming community known today as Legend-Gaming.

    What are Exilium's Goals?:

    Our first goal is to have fun in DFO, if we are not having fun it is not worth it.

    Exilium is a clan bent on end game activity. We will be heavy into all aspects of the game. It is our goal to be one of the most active end game clans. And our goal is to achieve all of this as a community.

    Is Exilium an RP Guild?:

    Exilium is a clan which supports RP. We are coming to DFO in order to experience all aspects of the game, and for some of our members this will include RP. We do encourage a form of practical RP, which includes a clan wide lore, dogma, and plans for RP based events.

    Why Join Exilium?:

    If you enjoy being in a group of highly motivated, driven, active, and mature individuals, look no further. Exilium strives to maintain as hardcore of an active player base as possible. We are not a "casual" clan, and the vast majority of our members reflect that. There will of course be casual members, however, our core is strong and active.

    The main benefit to being a part of Exilium is our organization. Exilium has rules designed to foster dedication of the members, and provide as drama free environment as we can.

    More than that though, from our Hierarchy down to our battle tactics, everything is thought out. Everything is planned. Everyone plays a part. With our end goal being to stake a claim in Agon, and hold onto it... Driven, skilled players will fit in quite nicely. Whether you love to craft, be diplomatic, or fight, Exilium can help.

    Recruitment Status: - Open
  2. Nadraxes

    Nadraxes Guest

    Darkfall gets released on 22/01. We are still open to recruitment.

    Kind regards,
  3. Nadraxes

    Nadraxes Guest

    Darkfalls release got delayed (how bizarre... :rollseyes:)
    New release date: 25/02/2009, and we are still open to recruitment.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask here or through PM.

    Kind regards,
  4. Nadraxes

    Nadraxes Guest

    Just a heads up, we now have a fully functional Crafters Union embedded in the guild.

    Kind regards,