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DAoC Live: Update on Endless Conquest (Free To Play accounts)

Discussion in 'Dark Age of Camelot Discussion Hall' started by Solicfire, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Solicfire

    Solicfire Adventurer

    Apr 12, 2017
    Likes Received:
    A Look Ahead

    Work continues on Endless Conquest and we have a few updates for you about our current timeline and plans!

    Right now, it's looking like we'll be launching EC in patch 1.126 early this Fall. A lot can still change but our current track would have us launch 1.126 in October.

    We mentioned in a previous update that we'd have a pre-emptive patch 1.126 and then launch Endless Conquest in 1.127 but we were able to streamline some of EC's requirements and combine things down into a single update. With that streamlining, we now anticipate only some minor User Interface and User Experience updates to go into 1.126 with the bulk of them will coming some time after launch.

    Once our launch date has solidified, we'll be sending out the final details for EC's privileges and restrictions but we do have some general 1.126 plans we can share with you now!
    • Realm timers will make their return!
    • A new Veteran reward system that offers subscribed accounts access to monthly and yearly bonuses and items!
    • Alternate currencies will be streamlined so that bounty points are now the only major alternate currency.
      • Atlantean Glass, Dragon Scales, Aurulite and Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, and Blood Seals will no longer drop for any players, but pre-existing alternative currency can still be spent normally.
        • With this change we'll be adding in some new ways to purchase Dragon Scale-related and Emerald, Sapphire, and Diamond Seal-related items for bounty points. Glass and Aurulite-related items can already be purchased for bounty points or crafted via bountycrafting.
        • Alternate currencies that are not already on the Currency Exchange NPC will not be affected or removed.
      • With this change we'll be adding in new ways to earn LOTS of bounty points in Darkness Falls that will help reinvigorate the infamous dungeon as a meaningful RvR objective!
    • King's Armor stats will be receiving a major boost to help new and returning players get up to speed quickly!
    • Returning player quests will be updated so that ALL characters can receive them again, so long as they qualify, and their rewards will be updated and improved!