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Dark Horselords Recruiting!

Discussion in 'Darkfall Stratics Forums' started by Drevlin, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Drevlin

    Drevlin Guest



    Dark Horselords is a "casual" guild comprised of mature, skilled and like-minded players devoted to having fun. Dark Horselords members seek an experience rich in friendship, adventure and loyalty.
    We've been around for over 4 years and during this time we've brought together two very different aspects: the laid back side and the PvP side. The result is a guild culture that is unique, drama-free and enjoyable. Our PvP side satisfies our desire to progress through end-game content while still enjoying the company of friends and family that prefer not to PvP. Dark Horselords goal is to be big enough to provide plenty of guild-only grouping opportunities and successful PvP nights, yet small enough so that everyone can know one another. ?


    We're very selective of our members as Dark Horselords is not for everyone, and we believe in quality over quantity. It's important that each member is personable and at the same time a skilled player with a willingness to become part of our tight-knit family.
    What we look for in an applicant:

    • Maturity, maturity, maturity. We cannot stress this enough. This is NOT a jr. high/high school guild.
    • Desire to become a part of a tight-knit family.
    • A sense of humor and a sense of loyalty.
    • MMORPG experience is desired.
    • The ability to think quickly and react accordingly depending on the situation.
    • Your gameplay time is balanced with real life responsibilities, you take the time to do well in school/at work.
    • You can communicate clearly and quickly.
    • Finally, we're looking for someone that chooses friendships over loot. We are not in it for the loot, but rather good times with our fellow guildies and the sense of accomplishment we get when we come together as a unit.


    Dark Horselords leadership is comprised of one Guild Leader and Guild Officers. The guild leadership makes the final decisions, but takes into consideration input from all members. We have had great success with this format as each member of Dark Horselords leadership genuinely cares about the welfare of the guild. The key positions are as follows:

    Name - Title
    Scorpi - Guild Leader
    Dennis Rodman - Officer
    Rapida - Officer
    Varitas - Officer
    Sequitor - Officer
    Sturovik - Officer


    Dark Horselords is officially an EST guild, however, there are no time zone restrictions. Dark Horselords peak hour play times is currently 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM EST. City sieges happen often and usually there will be a 3 day notice in the forums letting people know what day and time it occurs on. We ask that all members be ready for the siege an hour before set times. We casually farm in our own spare time and leveling groups can be found easily.
  2. Jon Snow

    Jon Snow Guest

    How many members are you projecting if the late Feb release date holds true?
  3. Drevlin

    Drevlin Guest

    We should have 20+ members on day one and many more coming depending on how well launch goes.
  4. Drevlin

    Drevlin Guest


    We are in beta! :gun: