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F*A Auction! Happening on 7/8/2011

Discussion in 'UO Catskills Events' started by nhollister1, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. nhollister1

    nhollister1 Guest

    The grand opening for the F*A Auction will be held on July 8th, 7PM Eastern time. There will be a gate opened in Luna Bank that day.

    Here is a list of the items that will be up for auction, &their starting bids;

    1. Night Eyes,
    starting bid- 300k.

    2. Conjurer's Grimoire,
    starting bid- 500k

    3. Corgul's Enchanted Sash (Gargoyles Only),
    starting bid- 200k

    4. Charger of the Fallen,
    starting bid- 6.5 mil

    5. Embroidered Oak Leaf Cloak (Replica),
    starting bid- 1.1 mil

    6. Brightsight Lenses,
    starting bid- 50k

    7. Heart of the Lion,
    starting bid- 20k

    8. Smuggler's Lantern,
    starting bid- 200k

    9. Ethy Polar Bear,
    starting bid- 8 mil

    10. Crystal Portal,
    starting bid- 6 mil

    11. Halloween Cloth Set, 100 pieces,
    starting bid- 5 mil

    12. 120 Healing,
    starting bid- 1 mil

    13. Ethy Unicorn,
    starting bid- 4 mil

    14. Ethy Llama,
    starting bid- 3 mil

    15. Crimson Crincture,
    starting bid- 13 mil

    16. Divine Countenance,
    starting bid- 500k

    17. Full Soulstone Token,
    starting bid- 8 mil

    18. Spirit of the Totem,
    starting bid- 3 mil

    19. White Leather Dye Tub,
    starting bid- 750k

    20. Head of the Magick-bt,
    starting bid- 3 mil

    21. Tangle,
    starting bid- 11 mil

    22. Tome of Enlightenment,
    starting bid- 100k

    23. Metalic Dye Tub,
    starting bid- 10 mil

    24. Darkwood Armor Set (5/6 pieces),
    starting bid- 3 mil

    25. +25 Stat Scroll,
    starting bid- 5 mil

    26. 120 Fencing Scroll,
    starting bid- 2 mil

    27. 120 Spirit Speak,&120 Necro Scroll Set,
    starting bid- 3.5 mil for both

    Thank you and we hope to see you there!