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Gap between new player and vet

Discussion in 'Darkfall Stratics Forums' started by dooney, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. dooney

    dooney Guest

    Hey guys,

    This was original posted by melipone on the DF forums. Ofcourse its full of DF fanbois so they have pretty much all been against the change. I was wondering if anyone that has quit could give some feedback on the reasons they quit the game.



    I made a graph. Chances are when you make a graph about a game you've crossed a threshold into pure geekdom, but I care about DF's success and feel it really needs some positive changes so we can still to be playing it in a few years time like Eve is still played now. For that we need a steady increase of players and for the game to be fun to play on a daily basis. Better PVP but with the long term goals left intact, while encouraging new players to play and stick with it through the training process.

    A quick example of what I mean (just look at the graph tho if you don't want to read):

    Stats/skills/spells all go up at the same speed as now, or slower depending on some factors. Possibly quicker early on.
    Rather than bonus damage or health going up the same for each point of gain, you get less later on, and more sooner. So for VIT/STR, base to 50 might give 3HP for 1, 2HP for the other, rather than 2 and 1 as now. Then from 50-75 it might be 2/1 (same as now), then 75-90 1/0.5 etc, up to max. Takes just as long to max, but variance between players is not as large and newer players can become competitive quicker and people may not want to spend as much time on grinding stuff up, but still can for an extra edge.
    Same with spells, except they start off useful, but scale up quickly so at 25 its like at 75 now. If you grind the spell you can still get 99 and surges, and some extra damage in between but it will be an edge, rather than a large advantage.
    Same with skills like Weapon Masteries - 50 Mastery is like 80 Mastery now, but you can still get the extra 80-100 damage by grinding from 50-100.

    Heres the graph so people understand better what I mean. Click the image on the site so you can actually read it or just admire my paint skills (it has colours and everything):