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Hibernia: A Dragon's Curse Campaign Prologue and Chapter 1-8 today [Wednesday 27th] US Prime-time!

Discussion in 'Dark Age of Camelot Discussion Hall' started by Solicfire, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. Solicfire

    Solicfire Adventurer

    Apr 12, 2017
    Likes Received:
    HIBERNIA: A Dragon's Curse Campaign Prologue and Chapter 1-8 today (Wednesday 27th) Starting at 1AM CET / 12AM UK / 7PM EST / 6PM CST / 4PM PST ... BG leader Solblade/Solic

    How to start the Campaign!!

    1. Speak to Supreme Eldritch Cystilla in Tir Na Nog Close to the Catacombs Entrance

    2. Check your journal and find a quest called [Curse} A Glimmers Hope and make sure you have spoken to all the named NPC's in Tir Na Nog (All NPC you need to speak to are right by Supreme Eldritch Cystilla)

    3. The quest you should then say Investigate in Sheeroe hills the Dark Elf/Defeat the Dark Elf. Either of these are the right quest

    4. Port to Connla and get a ticket from the stables master to Innis Carthaig

    5. Wait until the bg has arrived unless you have faction to Sheeroe Hills where you can head onto the Ruin Glimmer fortress where the Prologue Starts. (Please wait until the whole bg is there.)

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