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My Newest Profession

Discussion in 'Professions' started by RainStar, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. RainStar

    RainStar Journeyman
    Stratics Veteran

    Aug 20, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I had a smuggler on my second account but a few months ago I changed her profession to officer and it's a lot of fun! With the right setup an officer stays alive longer and has some great dps. I love blowing things up! lol

    My main character was a spy but since I'm having so much fun with officer, I changed the spy to entertainer so she is still active helping my guild and the occasional visitors.

    If I ever get tired of officer, I may change my main to commando, it looks like a lot of fun too!

    Spy was fun for awhile but some people who play this profession seem to think it's for hide n seek pvp. Pffft! If you're going to pvp then do so, if not, quit being an irritating kid by popping in and out of stealth just to throw out a poison attack and running off. Stealth should be used for saving your life not to play hide n seek.

    What is everyones favorite profession and why?
  2. BadgerSmaker

    BadgerSmaker Guest

    Re: Professions

    Smuggler is my favourite, as an old Pistoleer it plays similarly and I think requires the most skill, timing and knowledge of other professions strengths and weaknesses to do well.

    The profession is mostly based on temporarily removing buff effects in order to drive your attacks home as well as allowing you to use combination attacks to do huge cone AoE damage. You'll need all this as a players armour can soak up to 90% of incoming damage and Smugglers have no way to bypass armour. Expertise builds for PvP arent all that varied, although some crazy people do prefer melee Smuggler.

    Spy is actually quite hard to do well with as well, also a lot of timing and tactics required to make sure you don't pop up and get spammed to death by your targets allies. There are melee and ranged variations from expertise, but I prefer ranged with a focus on high strikethrough chance. A spy, like a Smuggler, has no way to bypass a targets armour. Heroic sets are Razor cat which focuses on improving your alpha strike and the The Ghost set which helps you escape.

    Bounty Hunter is another fun profession, like Spy more focused on punishing single target attacks but with some powerful crowd control in the Smuggler vein. The Dire Fate Heroic set will give you more CC while the Flawless set will allow you to bypass your targets buffs and land those high damage attacks.

    Officers are great in group PvP, the Hellstorm Heroic option improves the already insane area attack damage while the General Set turns them into healing tanks. They come with Group buffs and action heals that always come in handy.

    A good Medic is pretty much essential in group PvP and can differentiate themselves via expertise into Doctor/Support or Combat Medic builds. Combat medics will be taking the Blackbar's Doom set which does horrible things to yoru target while those more interested in healing than killing will go for the First Responder's set.

    Commando PvP builds dont vary all that much and they'll largely be running the Frontman set for increased tanking. Most of the work in this profession is done by spamming heavy weapons on people and throwing up defensive buffs when things get hairy. Not really all that involved so I couldn't get into it.

    The most popular profession by far is Jedi, and the Dark Jedi path in expertise is preferred for PvP. That said, an update is on it's way for Light Jedi to make them more viable in PvP. Dark jedi do little more in PvP then run around spamming lighning via the Dark Fury heroic set which does huge single target damage bypassing all armour.

    I had an old guide on profession that I may resurrect here... after typing all this out it seems it could be useful. :)