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New updates for the last two weeks....

Discussion in 'TirNua Stratics Forums' started by Gilly, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    It has been busy at Tirnua lately! Check out the Blog for the details on all the new stuff!

    *They have increased founder's lots with an extra 90 tiles.

    *Edit mode enables players to set furniture and move things around on their lots.

    *We now have fully functioning stores for each of the Design collections....for player's browsing pleasure, as well as the catalogs.

    *New landscaping plants...lots of them!

    *Floor tiles....only one wood pattern for the moment.

    *Game pieces and dice! Now we can do something with each other, besides talk. :thumbup1:

    *A basic World Map is up, and the ability to find open lots......with improvements promised soon.

    Look on the Home page for screenies of peoples lots, the stores and all the exciting changes! :lol:
  2. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I really like that I can play on FB now, I'm sure I'll see everyone there more often now! :)
  3. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    Here is an image of my room...landscaped, furnished and tiled. I have a Tic-Tac-Toe game in the corner.

    We can visit a room even if no one is there, so feel free to drop in and play the game, or get a closer look at the plants and furniture. :)


    PS...for those concerned about costs....this all, plus a few more plants and change of hair and clothing cost about $15 real money.....not even 2 months of subscribing to TSO ....just sayin'....
  4. KChan

    KChan Guest

    I decided to take a peek. It feels rather strange to be able to go into other peoples houses/rooms. I found both of yours!
  5. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    It does feel strange, but it is something I always wanted to do in TSO....for all those interesting homes that were never open when I was online! :D
  6. Gracie Nito

    Gracie Nito Guest

    I have to agree with Gilly. I love being able to go see places even if the owner is not online.

    However, I expect at some point in the future, there will be privacy settings so that some can lock their doors from the public. I hope once the door is locked the name of room will be removed from lists as well. I detested trying to land at locked lots in TSO and getting thrown back into city view. If a place is locked up, I'd rather not know it even exists.