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[NEWS] Tirnua: Luc Barthelet's Brave New World

Discussion in 'TirNua Stratics Forums' started by Aster, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. Aster

    Aster Guest

    Luc Barthelet has started a website for a new virtual world project called Tirnua.
    The Stratics news article can be found here.
    Tirnua's website is here.
  2. Aster

    Aster Guest

    *takes off Stratics TSO hat*

    *jumps up and down*
    *prints picture of Luc on color laser jet*
    *kisses picture*
    *looks up Tirnua's land address to send team banana bread*
    *jumps up and down again*

    Some out there are going to be happy about this bit of info. Some will be angry or indifferent. Some don't know and don't care about Luc.

    But me, I'm excited :D

    *puts back on Stratics TSO hat*
    *wanders away to do stuffs*
  3. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
  4. Monkeybear

    Monkeybear Guest

    Does this game have cream bear suits o.o
  5. debslee

    debslee Guest

    I am so thrilled I cant tell you and I hope that when TSO closes its doors, that this community will rally round and support Luc and his team, cause this screams "potential"!
    Fantastic news!:thumbup1:
  6. Greenfield

    Greenfield Guest

    I wish the best of luck to Luc and his teams development efforts. I surely hope the former TSO players will follow and help get OUR new world established. ParrotHead will be there from day one :)
  7. Georgia Mae

    Georgia Mae Guest

    How exciting!!
  8. Kaylee

    Kaylee Guest

    I'm there!!!

    GRINCH Guest

    I hope this game will have bear steaks and bear heads hanging on the walls for us to own

    HA HA HA

  10. CherryBomb

    CherryBomb Guest

    He's about due for a success. I will def keep an eye on it.

  11. What short memories you all have, and how forgiving you all are.
  12. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    Neither of the above....we are just able to distinquish between the creative talent and the corporate mind hive, when viewing the outcome of TSO/EAL. :bored:
  13. Cherri Bear

    Cherri Bear Guest

    So true Gilly.

    I will check out this new one for sure.

    Oh, and GRINCHY.... :heart: heheh... I Support The Right To Arm Bears :gun:
  14. Katheryne

    Katheryne Guest

    Niki pointed me to that site Friday evening. I am really excited about this! I think it will be amazing what this can become, NOT being under the corporate mindset at EA (I had much more colorful comments on Friday, that I dare not repeat here).

    I am soooo there! Hell, I'll even boot into Windows to run the client when it's released!

  15. Palin

    Palin Guest

    Yeah, what Gilly said... EA closed down TSO, not Luc.

    I'll be keepin my eye on that site... I'm rather excited, and I hope Luc makes a successful game that makes EA croak! :thumbup1:
  16. GRINCH

    GRINCH Guest

    :::::: SUPPORT THE RIGHT TO SHOOT BEARS:::::::::::
  17. dianj

    dianj Guest

    soooooooo excited IMMMMM THERE .... woot
  18. TSOTori

    TSOTori Guest

    OMG OMG OMG!!!! Wooooooooot!! I am very much there - thank you Luc!!!
    *Rushes into EA Land to give the news to all*

    www.tirnua.com/ woooooot!!
  19. I'm soooo busting the door down to get into the early Alpha tests :3

  20. culbert123

    culbert123 Guest

    I'm curious to see if we may know anyone else on his "already committed team"...... :popcorn:
  21. I want to be a beta to Luc's Tirnua, how does one sign up?
  22. MonkeyPantz

    MonkeyPantz Guest

    me too I cant wait im sure it will be a great game !!! I want to be the first one to play the game haha
  23. Cuddles

    Cuddles Guest

    :stir:I am soooooooooooooo looking forward to what Luc is brewing up.
    I would love to be part of it! I need to be part of the action. :popcorn:

    I want to be a beta tester!!!!!!!!!!:grouphug:Love to all Cuddles
  24. ... and who gave us all the promises that failed to materialise? Luc, not EA.
  25. EA never backed Luc up. If EA had given Luc more time for the team to upgrade the graphics, you'd see a boatload of people return to the game. But EA gave him ~2 months to make the game profitable... Four years of neglect (On EA's part) can't be corrected in a few months...

  26. MonkeyPantz

    MonkeyPantz Guest

    its not Lucs fault AT ALL! .. He didnt have enough time to change the whole game .. it takes a lil more than 6 months to improve an OLD game with OLD code.
  27. *waves at Niki* Hey maybe we will se each other there. Also What ever Luc needs I am there yea.:lol:
  28. I dont know about you all but when it comes down to it. All that i was ever told was what they hoped for the game. I was never given any promises about what the game was gonna become by Luc. As a matter of fact the only promises that were ever made to me were made by ea in there Amensty letters they sent out to me. With there name big as you please. I never recieved any promises from Luc. Just broken dreams from ea
  29. TSOTori

    TSOTori Guest

    Me too! Me too! :D Can't wait for the Beta days LOL *waiting, waiting....waiting some more.... tapping fingers waiting some more....Checks website again, waiting some more.... *giggles*
  30. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:

    *Waves back* I'll be there with bells on.

    As to AJ, dude give it up. Luc and team tried their best, they aren't at fault any more then you are....of course we'd be happy to blame you anyway.
  31. MonkeyPantz

    MonkeyPantz Guest

    You are so right nikki .. I miss talking to you in EA land :(

    me -> Maxiilion MonkeyPantz just in case u dont know who i am haha
  32. LFancey

    LFancey Guest

    Hiya Max,

    Nice web site for Tirnua. I just registered and I passed around the link to the office. I will see if I can get a few of them over there to register. We are pretty busy but I am sure I can convince em.


  33. dianj

    dianj Guest

    and what might YOU be working on Mr. Fancey?
  34. LFancey

    LFancey Guest

    Tirnua of course...

  35. MonkeyPantz

    MonkeyPantz Guest

    You better join the TirNua community to find out :D
  36. Aster

    Aster Guest

  37. MonkeyPantz

    MonkeyPantz Guest

    Thank you very much Aster :D
  38. EgtBallShark

    EgtBallShark Guest

    I would love to see what it's gonna be like. Please keep us posted with new info!!
  39. MonkeyPantz

    MonkeyPantz Guest

    Of course we will you should also join the new community some of the developers post there. So join the community to make sure you get the latest news ! = )
  40. SnowAngel

    SnowAngel Guest

    Thanks for the link Aster!

    Me :D<--------- one of the signature challenged lol.
  41. debslee

    debslee Guest

    *Does Cabbage Patch dance* Woot Ive joined up - TirNua_Gal ! Thanks Monkey Pantz.
  42. MonkeyPantz

    MonkeyPantz Guest

    Noooooo! Thank YOU !
  43. dianj

    dianj Guest

    ok I joined :thumbup1: :) STILL EXCITED cant wait for beta
  44. Juniper Skye

    Juniper Skye Guest

    Did I miss the part where someone explained what this game is about? Is it another version of THERE or SL?
  45. DjFroggie

    DjFroggie Guest

    I def think stratics should open a message board for this new game ;)
  46. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I second that motion! :thumbup1:
  47. MonkeyPantz

    MonkeyPantz Guest

    its a whole new game and Luc and his team will be smart enough to do something new they wont come up with a SL copy !
  48. Trish

    Trish Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Oct 31, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Kinda what I'm thinking Red.
  49. dianj

    dianj Guest

    I would imagine that Luc and Lee would style this new game after TSO, being that there is a market for such a game and there is nothing else like it available.

    At least thats what im hoping ... :lol: