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[NEWS] Tirnua: Luc Barthelet's Brave New World

Discussion in 'TirNua Stratics Forums' started by Aster, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. Donavan

    Donavan Guest

    Has anyone noticed that "Tirnua" can be anagrammed to "I R Tuna"?????

    Very curious.
    What are they hiding??? :eyes:
    Is this really a social game??? Or is it just another game about seafood, mayo, and crackers????

    Sounds fishy to me. :bs:
  2. culbert123

    culbert123 Guest

    IMHO, there are not enough games about seafood, mayo & crackers.

    Or dancing vegetables, for that matter. :danceb:
  3. I was thinking more along the lines of "R U Tina??"...a game about dancers/singers with great legs and abusive husbands. If it is, I'm there!
  4. Aster

    Aster Guest

    I have no idea if it will be a game, an environment, a social network application, a world, some vision of all the above or something that I can't even imagine.

    But whatever it is, I'm definitely intrigued - if only bc of the players involved.
  5. SnowAngel

    SnowAngel Guest

    It's also an anagram for Nutria.
    Perhaps we will all be wearing large rodent suits and living in virtual wetlands?

  6. CherryBomb

    CherryBomb Guest

    Sounds like someone's convinced that MMOG players desperately crave social network connectivity. I have my doubts, but maybe that's just because I am too old to be obsessed with my Facebook profile. I will still check it out.

  7. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    You guys crack me up! :lol: :mf_prop:
  8. Phantasia

    Phantasia Guest

    I'm excited to see what Tirnua ends up being like as well.

    In the meantime though, I'm going to get in on a tale in the desert 4, they're thinking about starting this telling in the fall sometime. I played each telling for short periods, but I always missed the start of them, and it's not quite as easy to get into it once a telling has started. check it out @ www.atitd.com It's an mmo that actually has an ending. It's not combat based, it's about economy, being social, and working together to build society.

    And really like any good project, Tirnua probably won't be even ready for beta for at least a year. Need something in the meantime.
  9. Strike Black

    Strike Black Guest

    A game being designed by a mastermind dev team...with community input...and WITHOUT a large corporation pulling the strings? :thumbup1:
  10. Jackiee

    Jackiee Visitor
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:


  11. rpsky3

    rpsky3 Guest

    Whoooo hooooo! I want to sign up!!!!!!!!! sounds exciting! go team!!!!!!!! I would love to be a beta tester for this one!!!!!!
  12. rpsky3

    rpsky3 Guest

    I signed up!!!!! wooo hoooooooo!!!!!!! I am so excited! yeah team!:grouphug:
  13. Qute Pi

    Qute Pi Guest

    Where did you sign up at? :( I can't find a sign up form or anything...
  14. DjFroggie

    DjFroggie Guest

    Im thinking they signed up at tirnua-game.com thinking that was signing up for the game. On the front page, however, it mentions that they are not affiliated.
  15. Katheryne

    Katheryne Guest


    http://www.tirnua.com is the official game site.
    http://www.tirnua-game.com is an up-and-coming fan site. Looks like a nice community site, but I'm not sure if it will be monitored by the Tirnua devs.
  16. Mavric

    Mavric Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I think I missed this part also, been looking all over the internet and havent found anything telling what the game will be.
    I guess I don't or can't have an opinion until I know what the game is.
    :eek:snap: :pint:

  17. MonkeyPantz

    MonkeyPantz Guest

    Im sure we will get more information about TirNua soon. Just join the TirNua community, the devs are posting there as well ... they might tell us something new :D
  18. Did I miss the sign ups? :( I went to the site and just a page w/ and invitation.... tried to click all over the page... found nothing .. :(

    I so wanna support Luc and his team :)
  19. debslee

    debslee Guest

    No you didnt miss any sign up...the sign up is for the fansite - as per Katherines post - dont worry, we are all just getting in line, waiting for the doors to open!

    Here you go:
    http://www.tirnua.com is the official game site.
    http://www.tirnua-game.com is an up-and-coming fan site.

  20. Thank you!

    I found room for my chair, and sittin waiting for the release of anything. Beta, news about the game , the game ... ... I am so excited !!!!!

    Is TirNua gonna join Stratics, do you think?
  21. Aster

    Aster Guest

    It's a little early yet for joining Stratics, seeing as out of all of us, only Lee knows if Tirnua will be an MMOG

    Guess we'll all have to wait to see what is coming. It's nice to have something to look forward to :)
  22. DjFroggie

    DjFroggie Guest

    Actually there are many clues as to what TirNua will be.

    Lets just say TirNua stands for something ;)
  23. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    While Googling, Milton found this site for "Tirnua" (A Live Role Playing game, like Dungeons and Dragons)....
    SeaElves History

    Could Luc's new "a virtual world fully connected to the social and work network and widget and gadgets and databases".... be about Sea Elves? A fantasy world? Magic? Or is this a complete red herring? :eyes:

    What do you think? .......:popcorn:
  24. Shari

    Shari Guest


  25. DjFroggie

    DjFroggie Guest

    If you look at the name TirNua it is two words. Tir and Nua. In the Gaelic language Tir and Nua are New world.

    TirNua is a new world.

    I posted more about this on my blog ;)
  26. ... three pages of mostly cheerleading saying how wonderful Luc is, and how great Tirnua is going to be...

    ... and I can't see any information on what it's actually going to be?

    Where's the 'sheep' smiley when you need one?
  27. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    That is too logical....and not nearly as much fun as Sea Elfs! :mf_prop:

    ...an underwater game? Now that would be novel! :thumbup:

    Would we be mer-people....or humans living in an underwater dome city? Or both? :D
  28. MandiK

    MandiK Guest

    I just heard about this today, havent been keeping up much.

    I will probably check it out. Ive never really gotten into any other games but I might give it a shot.
  29. Gracie Nito

    Gracie Nito Guest

    I planned on stalking Luc from the day EA announced the closing of TSO. Just watching all that he did do and other things he tried to accomplish this past year was pretty amazing. The creative mind and passion he has for his dreams is contagious. Before the emergence of Tirnua, I had found this...


    Which was a simple idea and statement....

    "a virtual world fully connected to the social and work network and widget and gadgets and databases"

    I think it is important for anyone that wants to follow the developement of this idea to it's fruition understand that...

    -it can take years to develope.

    -At some point, all great ideas will have to co-mingle with the money men.

    - those that control the money will always have power to influence any great idea.

    I have no doubt that I will tag along on the road to Tirnua for as long as the road exists. I expect any journey that Luc takes will be full of surprise, intrigue and fun. You have to admire anyone that can hook a fancey pirate and knows the best places to stash the rum.
  30. Guy La'Deuce

    Guy La'Deuce Guest

    I agree, Gracie. Some people just don't understand that the game will not be ready for beta....or even alpha testers for months, maybe even a year. If this game (or whatever it is) is being built from scratch, it will be a looooong time before we see anything playable.

    However, being as many of us dealt with TSO before Luc and his team showed up, we probably all have enormous amounts of patience.
  31. culbert123

    culbert123 Guest

    Luc posted an update on www.tirnua.com -

    "We have a Team!
    Week 2, June 12th 2008
    Audrey, Cort, Greg, Larry, Laurent, Lee, Margaret, Sarah have now joined Tirnua! And more are coming soon!

    This team has extensive experience in web 2.0 and the game/entertainment industry. We are all passionate about collaborating with you to build a compelling virtual world!

    Sarah and Laurent are working on the Blog, and on the account creation. We hope to have this up and running in the next week, and that will enable all of us to communicate daily.

    As some of you have already guessed from just the lovely image above, one subject of interest in Tirnua is the environment.

    Next week, when the blog opens, I will start collecting your thoughts on how we could impact our real world environment, while having fun in our virtual world.

    Thank you for coming back, It will be a pleasure to speak with you next week,


    Are all of those names former TSO devs?? I knew Pirate Lee was on board, but some of those other names are familiar.....

  32. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Yep all of them are. :)
  33. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    I wonder if they all quit EA, to join Luc....or if some are moonlighting?

    It would be hard to give up security and benefits to go with a start-up....:(
  34. How judgemental you are, and how unforgiving you seem to be. :thumbup1: hehe

    Seriously, in today's world Aj, I wouldn't hold a grudge against something as little as a video game. There are far more important things to gripe about. The least we need to do is let a form of entertainment really get to our heads.
  35. I just rest on the fact that, based on our experience of this lot so far with the destruction of TSO, it'll be so long before they get anything together that most people will have either lost interest or moved on to something else by the time it's released.
  36. ... unless the conditions within EA really are as bad as has been reported in a variety of places, and they took the opportunity to get out whilst they still could.

    EA is big not because it is the best, but because it has money. I'm hoping that one day they'll do another takeover attempt that will all go horribly wrong and the whole corporation will come crashing down. Then perhaps, free of corporate greed, some of the talented people in the gaming industry will be free to create some truly wonderful stuff instead of the typical EA 'box it, ship it, forget it' dross.
  37. Big Mac

    Big Mac Guest

    I hope we will have some kind of needs we will have to replenish, money objects, skilling...

    Second Life - Zzzzz No goals. Yes, you can buy a SLopoly game table or play backgammon in it...and even play something called Darklife in it, but it's mainly just a virtual chat world to build stuff in on land, which has insane prices and monthly maintenance fees. No one needs to eat...therefore you don't need to cook for anyone. When you do a positive action (like cracking back) in TSO to a friend's sim, it actually does something. In Second Life...it's JUST an action.
  38. Aster

    Aster Guest

    Full team names and their attendant profiles for Tirnua can be found here, in an article crossposted to EAL/TSO Stratics and the Stratics Central homepage.
  39. ...and that's why God said, let there be Third Life.
  40. Second Life has more goals than any other online environment because you can completely customise every single aspect of it to be whatever you want it to be.

    Its biggest goal is the limit of your imagination. Many ex-TSO players have set these goals and had great fun there because they have an imagination.

    If, however, the limit of your intelligence and imagination is a repetitive series of clicking eat/sleep/toilet/shower and dipkisses... then no wonder Second Life is beyond your comprehension.

    It takes a special type of person to get into SL. Around 60,000 people are online at any time most days - more than, I think, TSO ever achieved... and both games are around the same age.

    You know why TSO failed and SL didn't? SL runs worldwide because the game company put the effort in that EA couldn't be bothered to do. EA were told, and they thought they knew best. They were wrong. Again.
  41. MARCIN2006

    MARCIN2006 Guest

    Sure in SL you can completely customise every single aspect of the game. But to actualy make something advanced (to use or to sell), you need a $400 program!!!! And you must be tech. or atleast code expert to make scripts for the objects to work, which I am not and it is pretty hard for me to make something.

    To own a home you must have a paying subscription, and then pay an additinal monthly fee if you want to upgrade from the free size lot.

    Then if you dont want to play on the Teen server you need to deal with the thousands of pronographic content that is uploaded and spamed around the game before its taken off. And deal with some horrifying obscene content chasing & sticking to your avatar when you try to go to a sandbox and create something.

    To make any large amounts Lindens you have to put in real money. Of course you can make money off the game too... .

    The graphics are alright, they are not superb nor are they horrible, but they are alright. Not as good compared to other MMORPGs.

    There is constant lag and crashes in SL. (My comp has runs 3.4 ghz, broadband internet, over 4GB ram, and i have over 300 GB space left on my comp, a $400 nvidia video card the name of it I cannot remember and a fairly execeptional sound card, its a very good and fast computer) and yet I still suffer lag and crashes on SL when I try to fly me and my friends on the Jet I bought from another player.

    In my opinion, SL is a great short term replacement for TSO and boredom, but it is not a very good game (in my opinion, others will argue otherwise) and I enjoy it only for the ability to fly planes and nothing else, I would give it a 4/10.
  42. debslee

    debslee Guest

    I ditto alot of your thoughts Marcin - the amount of times I crash, have unbearable lagging in SL, makes me one frustrated player! It does have some kewl places and some beautiful scenery - I have to say I love dancing ballroom in my "swishy gown" but I dare not go to a place that has many Avatars.... as the game just hangs and there is too much lag. So yes, SL for me is a temporary "social" hang out place....that is of course when I am tired of killing "Char" in Guild Wars!!!:gee:

    That is why I cant wait for Luc's new game to come out, because I hope that it will be a mixture of SL and The Sims........*crosses fingers*
  43. MARCIN2006

    MARCIN2006 Guest

    Yeah I cant wait to read what his game is about, if he has a good idea, im pretty sure it will become successful because its not run by a evil money hungry corporation, instead its run by people who actually care!

    Its like one of those sayings (which I might not correctly remember) "Build it and they will come, take care of it and it will grow"
  44. MARCIN2006

    MARCIN2006 Guest

    If it costs extra $$$ (other than basic monthly account fees) to make our imaginations work, our imaginations are extremely limited...
  45. I'm pulling $10,000 a year (before tax) from a few hours a week in Second Life building stuff for other people. My story is not unique.

    I haven't bought a $400 program specifically for SL either.

    It all depends what you want to make. Or do. If you're wanting to do more than your skills allow, then you either gain the skills, or change what you want to do. It's flexible enough to allow you to do that.

    I do realise that a lot of people here are anti-SL for a variety of reasons - including the fact that I like it - but that millions of people have tried it, and do like it.

    TSO was cheap, in all honesty. Well, apart from those outside the US where the exchange rate from strong currencies to the dollar wasn't followed, but that's another story. Yes, it might well have been a 'pocket money game' with 5 year old system requirements... but sometimes progress is necessary. I'd be more than willing to bet that Tirnua is going to cost more than TSO, and you won't be able to play it on 56k dialup.
  46. Milton

    Milton Guest

    Stick to the topic of this thread please:

    Tirnua: Luc Barthelet's Brave New World
  47. Donavan

    Donavan Guest

    Second Life???? Pfffft.

    Real life - now, there's a challenge! :gee:
  48. MARCIN2006

    MARCIN2006 Guest

    True lol!

    Anyway, I hope Triuna will have its own on-site chat boards I never liked it when tso's chat baords transfered to stratics.
  49. When I first heard Tirnua I thought of a fantasy style game like WoW. I'm not too sure why..and I hope it won't be anthing like that. Those kinds of games never really interested me.

    I also hope they do a simultaneous release for the Mac, like they are doing for Spore. I hope they do it for Sims 3 but probably not.

    The Mac userbase has grown in the past 3 years, and more companies are developing for the Mac now.

    If the Tirnua game were entirely browser-dependant, virtually anyone could play it!!
  50. Mavric

    Mavric Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    I just can't get excited until I know what the game will be, all we have now is a name, to me that's hardly anything to get excited about.

    I'd love to see the game, be a game like WoW or Diablo II, now that would be something that would get me excited.