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[OOC] First Guild Meeting of the Kingdom of Lore

Discussion in 'Kingdom of Lore (Public)' started by Lore Denin (GL), Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Lore Denin (GL)

    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Kingdom's First Meeting

    Day: Sunday - Jan 23rd
    Time: 8:00pm PST
    Location: Arenath (Snowy Valley)


    The Meeting will be an Out of character meeting for all members of the Kingdom so we can finalize plans for the towns, establish the rules of conduct will abide as a group and organize our resources.

    Lore's Player
  2. I can't come on23-Jan cuz I work on Sundays...

    As long as some of u will update me, I guess that will do the trick for this time.

    Since I am not coming, I guess I will just voice out a few of my own ideas:
    1). Please do no vote on the rune library/brothel yet... I am abit lagging behind on the setting.

    2). I am working on the "Town Portal" in Town of Cresent. Well, Town of Cresent is just my house in the desert area and a few of u folks may already visited there already. So far I have connected Destiny's Inn and the Seaport in the portal area. Everyone should able to travel freely within these 3 place withut causing any spell by now. Please notice I still need to add you as friend to the Seaport since it is located in Felucca, otherwise that teleport tile won't work with ur character.
    - I still have 2 sets of house teleport tiles... I may connect 1 set with Destiny's garden so there will be 1 more spare set. Let me know if anyone wants a connection. Yes, it is very cool to get it connected... I suggest u take a tour to the portal (2nd floor in the Town of Cresent) and u will love this idea.

    3). Guild Vault - While we speak of donation for the guild from time to time... so it is time to decide what is our budget! Hm... guess I will let Lore to answer this... hehe... but the whole idea is, we should have this funding "physically visible" to all of our members, so everyone will realize the pocket size of the guild.
    I am proposing on 1 idea... check out the 1st floor of the fort (Cresent Fort) in the desert area... I have a room setup inside for storing up GOLD and SILVER for the guild. So far I have only placed 12,000 gold and 2000 silver in there (only those locked down on the "grey color tile") as guild fund... Well, I pledge my promise to have 1million gold and 4k sillver as donation for the guild... but just for the display purpose, I lock down the money in the room.
    - So I am suggesting we gather the guild fund (no, not ur own $, I am not robbing it out from you :lick:), and lock them down in 1 place... so everyone can visit the vault and get an idea of the funding.

    - Now it comes to the question on who should access this fund!? While that is my house, but I should not be the only one to access the guild fund. At this stage, I am planning to add Lore & Destiny to be the Co-owner of the hse so they can access the money in a long run. However, I am not limiting only these 3 of us can use the money... So I say I leave it to you guys to decide who can actually access the fund.

    I don't suggest everyone can access the money, otherwise there will be ppls who just joy in our guild, rob out the money and quit..... (which happened in GL once while there are few ppls join us for getting houses... and then quit us once they find a better locations).

    Guess those 3 items are my concerns at this time.... have fun for the UO guild meeting! :lol: