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Player Event, PVP Bloodbath - House Drop -Rares giveaway

Discussion in 'UO Napa Valley Events' started by Ox AO, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. Ox AO

    Ox AO Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Apr 7, 2003
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    Posted originally by Hon:​
    HI everybody I would like to make an announcement about event that I and my guild mates (to be named later) are doing on Napa. We will be dropping 2 to 3 house with stuff in it. A list of things will be post as I get stuff from donations. I will be trading gold on napa for gold on other shards up 35M each. (ICQ 245494814) This is going to be a FEL event which will go back to old style of PVP in which stuff are not going to be insured (drops). We will have telepoters up for people to get to event about 3 hours before the houses drop. Any donations on any American shards I will have OX and Lord Arms moving stuff over to Napa (Izumo - Hokuto - Sakura - Europa) will also be covered. We wish to see as many reds as possible. We will have basic suite for the human and gargoyle, (mage and fighter) not many. At the event there will be aids, pots, on vendors for free. Date Feb 16 at 8 Eastern.

    P.S. sorry about my last post that was pulled out for reason out of my control.

    PS Everybody will die to monster and PVPā€™ers


    Hon 300M - Lantern of souls replica - origin Halloween 2012 - Shattered Crystal wisp fragment -
    Juka black duel sword wrapped in finest silk - A replica Santa hat recovered from ilshenar -
    I defended trammel from the halloweenie king! - I defended felucca from the halloweenie king -
    50 plus token all kinds - 50 Pigments of tokuno all kinds - Rubble - Veteran reward - and more?​
    We are making basic suits for mages and fighters human and Gargoyle we will set up stewards to give out some of these suits on the day of the event. If you want a suit early to start training please P mail me and i will meet you in game or show you vendor / steward is I will set up.

    We will also make some vendors / stewards with basic items such as potions, orange petals and bandages. Any items you don't need please put them in give/take white bags located in Luna or in the events houses not dropping.

    If you want to bring your own suit/equipment to train up I can move them via shard shields from any of these shards P mail me and i will get them moved for you. I will be leaving on my UO world tour on Sunday night.

    Great lakes

    I can also set up a move from Orgin, Sonoma, Lake Austin and Lake superior without a problem.

    If we have time for a pre-event I would like to make a run though the fighting grounds with a stealthier who will have a white strong box that can not be insured. One of the runners will have a EM event item not insured. I will say who we are and stealth though as grey or red.

    We will take back anything you wish too your home shard

    The UO mailman​
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