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Pre orders are playing? Can the public buy yet?

Discussion in 'Darkfall Stratics Forums' started by rcole23, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. rcole23

    rcole23 Guest

    Really looking forward to getting in game. Did not pre order. When can the public start playing?

    Last night they said it was today. Waiting for the door to open! :yell:

    I think the company is doing an excellent launch, taking their time and making sure everythings is working as well as it can but I am really looking forward to starting the game.
  2. yuppy

    yuppy Guest

    you think the company is doing an excellent launch..... reallllly. *seth meyers voice*
  3. Michael Wolf

    Michael Wolf Guest

    You're joking right? Taking their time? The reason you couldn't get in yesterday when it was scheduled to launch is that they jumped the gun and botched the launch. If they were taking their time and doing things right their wouldn't be any issues right? Am I missing something here? This game is no where near ready for prime time. The don't even have plans for US servers yet.
  4. yuppy

    yuppy Guest

    actually its the opposiet, they didnt jump the gun, they waited and waited to accept preorders, so then, they finally decide 4 days before launch (well 3) that "There will be no problems preordering, so they are not in a hurry to start them" then the world explodes.
  5. Michael Wolf

    Michael Wolf Guest

    They didn't wait to put up pre-orders, they put them at the last minutes as soon as they were capable, and the world didn't blow up just their servers. Every other game I've ever played puts up pre-orders 2-4 weeks in advance for several reasons, so there is no mad rush, and so they can get a good feal for how many people are interested and what to expect on launch day. And from what I've been hearing, after 8 years in production the game is still buggy at best. So we have a game, 8 years in the making, that is not making it's own self stated release schedule, still buggy, and is at best in limitted release, (no US servers and no concrete plans for any yet).
  6. rcole23

    rcole23 Guest

    I think you are forgetting the nostalgia something like this game brings. UO was bug filled, choppy, not planned, crashed and exploited and I loved every minute of it. I buy any software and none of it works. Darkfall has been planed, last minute LIMITED pre orders as to allow the servers to experience load, controlled message boards and web site. Constant updates. I wish they didnt even have a beta, all software vendors test software this way, internal testing is a costly non full proof method. Hell they are even waiting on general release until the hardware has had a chance to perform under load.

    give me every aspect of choppy frustrating play, if it is FINALLY a good game I will stick it through every lag infested choppy animation oOOooOOoOO outside a dungeon any day.

    And to everyone who thinks every game is based on another game you are not going back far enough, you should start quoting DF is based on UO which is based on dungeon and dragons which is based on a board game... cut that $H!T out... all things evolve and all ideas are original. UO had a great influence on the market but when DF was developed it was done avurtines way. I am proud of them for not following the standard path all companies have followed regarding MMORPG development, lets see some original work FINALLY!. I for one can't wait to get in, another stupid @$$ term this that has come to surface is fanboi, sure that may apply but I have not even played yet so :lick:

    I played UO for 3+ years, any other MMORPG I have tried has only lasted 30 - 60 days as they are all the same regurgitated theme ever since EQ and UO went obsolete. WoW did change the market, it made it worse! Lets get some enjoyment out of gaming again.

    Hope to see you in game! :D:hahaha::):hahaha::hahaha:
  7. Velvathos

    Velvathos Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 13, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Funny thing is that I was in beta, and now I can't play.. :hahaha::hahaha:

    The Beta Testers were suppose to get the pre-order early and first, but someone leaked the site to it, and everything crashed from heavy traffic..
  8. rcole23

    rcole23 Guest

    Arg thats horrible. To bad a beta tester leaked the site! :link:
  9. looneyozzy

    looneyozzy Guest

    Alot of preorders are still not fixed. You won't be purchasing the game anytime soon.
  10. jelinidas

    jelinidas Guest

    LOL, still feel this way?

    No game.
    No forums.
    No comunication.

    I wont even get into Beta, stress tests, pre orders, or CC mishaps.
  11. Veilroth

    Veilroth Guest

    Instead of sending a e-mail offering 1 pre-order copy to the beta testers, they post a link on the forums... And in that post they also say that the NDA is lifted.

    It's not even leaked then, it's ditributed! That was their effort of giving the beta tester a little love for the job. Nice going. Thanks for nothing


    Beta tester, no launch player