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Proof that Toons are MIGHTY STRONG!!

Discussion in 'Toon Arts' started by Stubby, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Stubby

    Stubby Guest

    Last night after the ceo run, Sally and I went to refill our suits. Didn't quite get enuf on the links, so went to defeat a building, 5 floors all by ourselves. And we meant business!!!! :hahaha:

  2. Man I need to learn how to do screen shots!! We were tiny!! Seemed overly tiny!! We did mean business but I think we made a mistake. We did a middle 6 but I was still short so we went into this bldg. In keeping with the theme of the night it seemed like 2 out of 3 gags missed!! We were hurting a few times!!! I KNOW we coulda done a front 3 in the time it took us to do this bldg!! But I enjoy a challenge and when like 3 lures in a row miss, it is a challenge!!!:thumbup1: Reminded me of a factory Dane and I did by ourselves with our little toons where we came out with like 13 laff!!! And yes, I'm still laughing Dane!!