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Question about Warhammer

Discussion in 'Warhammer Discussion Hall' started by Brittany123, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Brittany123

    Brittany123 Guest

    Hi, I recently downloaded the 10 day free trial. My question is as follows:

    I've played a lot of morphs. I currently play Ultima Online. I didn't start with ultima, but I Found Ultima to fit my playstyle.

    The problem I have with modern morphs is doing quest after quest after quest. If I find this tedious and boring, should I even bother trying? Or, when I get further up in levels with the game open up more?

    Thanks for the help. I dont mean this to be a rude question or anything, just an honest question.
  2. Klinger

    Klinger Guest

    Questing is optional. You can play the game as pure pvp if you so desire.
  3. Sunrise

    Sunrise Guest

    speaking from someone who also plays UO over and over again :D

    Since ALL the old timers say tram should never have been invented. I say War is what UO could of been. For the PvP scale to a point. I dont mind dieing alot or getting ganked. But losing armor always stinks. The pvp is actually fun in war AND balanced!!! Well let me say better balanced than UO.

    You can quest all you want. Or you can do Public quests. Thats fun too if you can get the players to do it with. The Public quests get harder and harder and kinda open up as you go.

    Mostly tho I would say try your hand at Sceaniors PvP. Then maybe move up to Bo taking and Keep taking/defending.

    In UO I hated PvP. Big time. Besides being very bad at it..it wasnt my cup of tea. In this game tho. Its amazing. Its like day and night. If you can find a good guild on your shard who can show you the ropes that would also be a big plus. For me it was at least. Knowing what the rewards for in renowed and influence in the War zones. Also just trying to figure out what I was doing.

    Also in the PvP section or the RvR as we call it. It does open up as you get higher in the tiers And gets harder too.

    With Public quests they open up more land as you travel the country looking for them. There are also 3 different types of PQs you can do. one is easy with 2-3 players the next med then the hard one. which you need 9 plus to do. These are fun to lock a zone or just take a break from the daily keep taking. But they do open the land up and get harder as you advace up. But still the rewards are worth it.

    Plus also the secret stuff you can find. the unlocks. I have a toon thats all she does. goes around and finds the unlocks in all the different zones in the tiers. Of course she also levels too. but mostly shes just an unlocking toon..Not really much exp or stuff in that. But still fun tho. Too try and find all the little things the Gods/Devs put into the game. Some are hard to find too.

    Mostly tho there is not much crafting in War. Its there tho. For example potion making and tailsman making. Mostly tho its an action game.

    Mostly tho the game is what you make of it. Theres alot to it too that sometimes seems where do I start? Quests? RvR? finding unlocks. Heck crafting. Maybe just killing monsters. The book keeps tracks of all your kills btw too. Heck maybe ya just want to kill Greenskins/dwarfs with a toon. Thats also a plus too. Theres so many different ways you can play...that do open the game up..

    Give me a PM if I can help in any way. Glad you decided to give it a try. It is a very fun game.