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SotA: In-game Publishing Guide

Discussion in 'SotA Resources' started by Themo Lock, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Themo Lock

    Themo Lock Adventurer

    Jan 6, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Publishing your own books in game is a great feature that has many uses and is quite easy to do.

    To publish books in game you will first need one or more blank books. These can be purchased from book dealer NPC merchants or player crafted (recipe below).
    To write in your blank book, simply double click it in your inventory to bring up the following menu.
    If you click the "write" option, you enter a title for your book and select a font (so far English and Runic). You can now type as you go and then click publish (tab top right of the book) to complete your first book.
    If you select the "import text" option you will see the following menu.
    Once again we have the fields to enter a title and select a font, but in addition we now have a window to select from saved documents. Below this field you will see the path to find the folder in which you can save txt documents as selectable books on your computer. This path varies depending on your client and operating system and windows users may find they need to enable "show hidden files" to locate the correct folder. All txt documents saved in that location will be listed in the window (there is a refresh button if you are adding them as you go). Once you have done this, simply click "publish" and you have created your first book.

    When writing the text for your books you also have the following options...
    A good example of a colour code picker is Color Picker - ColorPicker.com

    If you want to make multiple copies of a book, a great tool is the magic printing press.
    Simply grab any completed book and double click the printing press. We then add the book that we wish to publish along with as many blank books as you wish and click the craft button. You are now an in game publisher.
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