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Suggestion to fix the issue with people not being able to order the game

Discussion in 'Darkfall Stratics Forums' started by marcusalberton, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Ok let me tell you all a story.

    Assume I run the local bakery and the demand is always huge at lunchtime.

    I have two ways available to manage customers.

    Firstly I could close the doors and every five minutes or so I could open the doors and let about 10 people in and then shut the doors again. Those ten people would get served and then exit and I would open the main doors again and let the customers fight to see who the next 10 are to get in.

    Alternatively, I could put one of those machines in the shop that people use to take a number, and they could peacefully take a number when they enter and wait for their number to be called.

    Which do you think would make more sense?


    Let everyone order while keeping their account as inactive, then gradually make accounts active as more capacity is made available. The customers would be happier, they could just grab their ticket and relax, rather than having to fight to get to the main door and hold that spot until it opens.

    Its called customer management, while they are sorting out the major technical issues ingame there is no reason why they couldnt set this up.

    They would then have some real numbers to take back to their financiers.

    They would also have peoples $50, at the moment they dont have mine.
    Of course they would not start the 33 days until accounts are made active.


    What would it take to do this? About 10 minutes of dba work and 15 minutes adding some fields to the order page, then everyone could take a number and wait for their chance to enter the game.

    I don't think people are so angry because they can't play, I think its more because they have to constantly check whether its available. Aventurine need to adopt a more mature model for this.

    It works in bakeries, it would work for a MMO.

    Someone please pass this on to Tasos....
  2. Walisin

    Walisin Guest

    Can't believe I'm logging on stratics forums for the first time in almost 2 years for this..

    I agree with absolutely everything you said, marcus, and it's really sad that you had to do so in the first place.

    It's aggravating to no end when you're supposed to be able to order Wednesday evening, then it's Thursday noon, then Friday morning, then no communication on the matter at all. By the time you get upset about not hearing anymore false promises anymore, it's safe to say something's wrong.

    Can't believe I made myself check that idiotic account page whenever I could during the last 4 days. I also slept like crap because I always had the "don't miss out on the order" thing at the back of my head.

    As you said: It's entirely possible to make this an experience that doesn't incite the urge to use a battle axe on the Aventurine staff in real life.
  3. jelinidas

    jelinidas Guest

    Aventurine did not only drop the ball...they blew the ******* up.

    This "launch" is a complete joke.
    Perhaps they should have done a real Beta test (ie more then 402 of their closest friends) and a real stress test (ie more then the 402 friends and their brothers).

    They have lost so much in such a short time. Folks have waited for like 7-8 years for this game and they F'ud it up in 3 days. A niche game cant do that. Player base is not that large. Most my guild has already said screw it.... MO is now the next "game to watch"

    You know the game is in serious trouble when they take their own forums down, friendly as they were. LOL.

    Even their game notes are not available. They just replace the old one with a new one. No time line,

    Joke....a bad, sad joke.
    Good luck Aventurine, ya just lost alot of what ya could of had.
  4. Masacre

    Masacre Guest

    I haven't really had time to sit on the boards and read too much about this but looked promising a year ago along with AoC when that was in the works also. What is the deal currently with this game? Only Euro servers are up correct? And they are having massive bug/exploit/hack problems and the billing website is not functioning correctly so people are not able to order? Are we looking at a HUGE delay for US servers now? Someone fill me in while I continue to find answers
  5. RsLÆ

    RsLÆ Guest

    I think this is the absolute first time in my life that I can say I completely AGREE with every post on this thread. I am usually not one to complain but if this game doesn't actually launch and be playable within a month or so I'm going to give up on it. If they can't fix this what does that say about their ability to fix anything else that goes wrong? And something always goes wrong, the trick to it is fix it before too many people realize.