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The Black Knight Brotherhood is Recruiting!

Discussion in 'Holonet Chat' started by Norag_BKB, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. Norag_BKB

    Norag_BKB Guest

    The Black Knight Brotherhood

    Black Knight Brotherhood

    US (Officers in three of the four time zones)


    PVP & High level Raiding

    All ages welcome; we put maturity in front of age and they aren't necessarily equal to one another



    The Black Knight Brotherhood, or more simply BKB, was formed almost twelve years ago. During those eleven years, we have accumulated members from multiple countries with experience in many MMO's such as AOC, DAOC, Darkfall, Fallen Earth, EVE, Ikariam, LOTRO, SWG, WAR, and WWII Online. In each of these games, BKB has consistently formed a well known, respected, and highly successful guild chapter. Several of these chapters are still in operation, and we are now looking to expand into the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic. We will be playing as Sith, and our focus will be on PVP and high-end raiding.

    In this endeavor, we are looking for mature gamers of all play-styles and experience levels. From hardcore to casual, MMO veterans or rookies, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse player base. As many of us have real life concerns such as work, school, and raising families, we don’t set minimum play time amounts or times where all members are expected to be on. What we want are quality gamers who are committed to building a close knit community through interaction on our forums and voice-communication in-game. Players who can handle themselves and don’t need officers or other leaders to baby-sit them and are committed to helping their guild prosper and grow.

    We already have many of our long-time members, some of whom have been with BKB since the beginning, in place as we set out to make our mark in the Star Wars universe. Now all we need is you. If you are interested in becoming a part of our community, please see our website here. We ask that you read our Code of Conduct and then register on the site. Once your registration is approved, you can then begin posting on the forums and introducing yourself to everyone. We can’t wait to meet you.