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The Bounty Hunter

Discussion in 'Holonet Chat' started by J'kaura, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. J'kaura

    J'kaura Guest

    The Bounty Hunter is a character of strategy and genius, displaying an insidious devotion to tracking down prey. As their name suggests they hunt for a well earned fortune of credits or other valuable assets, taking the most pride from accomplishing a bounty and bringing often dangerous enemies to their demise. There is nowhere in the galaxy that a Bounty Hunter will not go, there are no corners left unchecked until they have tracked down their quarry. The Bounty Hunter will find them, have no doubt.

    A Bounty Hunter is self reliant in all aspects of his profession. He can trust no one else but his own equipment and his own will to persevere. A Bounty Hunters mentality is trained to seek, eliminate or destroy but not to endanger himself unless absolutely necessary. Often they operate solo, on rare occasions they can defy their individual nature to work with other Bounty Hunters. They are bound by a code, an ancient history and the legacy of hunters that have gone before them. Their status precedes them as ‘Jedi Killers’, the most proficient and best equipped Bounty Hunter can take down Jedi without question.

    When tracking down targets, the Bounty hunter has a variety of tools at his disposal. He requires enough fire power to take down the bounty but enough versatility to disappear from a situation without leaving a trace. Their armaments include a built-in RPG launcher and flamethrower, enough power to dispel any resistance offered. The Hunters twitch-action jetpack allows him to volley shots at the target from above, providing a difficult angle for the opposition to return fire. If you’re ever faced against a Bounty Hunter, be warned and be well prepared.

    Bounty Hunters are experts when it comes to their outfitting. Through unconventional means of procuring extremely durable and protective gear on the black market, they maintain a well balanced armour suit. Often they arrange for armour artisans to craft the armour to a more desired state, ensuring that they gain maximum efficiency and protection. Credits then become merely an exchange for pure customization of the best equipment, rest assured a Bounty Hunter's skill combined with this equipment leads to a both deadly and dangerous opponent.

    The Bounty Hunter is measured after such infamous hunters as Calo Nord and Boba Fett. A class for those who want to explore the Old Republic galaxy, hunting for those the Sith Empire would see dead or captured. If you like the thought of hunting Jedi, earning credits and enjoy the thrill of hunting your target then the Bounty Hunter is for you. Remember once you start tracking someone who has a bounty on their head, they better run and hide in fear because its only a matter of time before the Bounty Hunter's skill and relentless approach will flush them out into the open!
  2. NachtStieg

    NachtStieg Guest

    Counting down the days.. The days! Till I get to play my bounty hunter! :heart:
  3. Penti

    Penti Guest

    Its alot of fun, trust me ;)