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The Captain's Logs

Discussion in 'Star Trek Online General Discussion' started by Trageon, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Trageon

    Trageon Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 25, 2010
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    Captain’s Log

    Star Date: 2409.06

    Star Fleet subspace communications from Lt. Grall on behalf of Admiral Quinn has ordered the U.S.S. Stratics to put aside her current exploration mission in the B’Tran Cluster of the Gamma Orionis sector and respond to unknown anomalies in the Delta Volanis Cluster of the Sirius sector and report our findings back to SpaceDock 1. To recall the Stratics seems a strange move for even Admiral Quinn but order are orders.

    Our first long range sensor sweep detected an anomaly in the Y-C 514 sector. On closer examination Chief science officer Commander Soda scanned the class M planet Theta Geminorum 003-H, no life signs were detected however traces of an ancient civilization known as the D’Ansay where present, a little known species of poikiothermic humaniods likely resembling earth anphibians. First discovered by the Enterprise-D concluded that the D’ansay died out some 50,000 years ago for no known reason, they worshiped their sun and seasons played a large role in their culture. Starfleet wants use to beam down and record more imformation on this long lost race. Little remains but crypt like grave sites. On arrival the landscape seems barren with a few rocks and sand, no vegetation noted anywhere. The air is thick, no wind to mention, we began our exploration using tricorders to locate the grave sites 5 in all. I have concluded that the planet is unremarkable, suitable for habitation but will need a considerable effort in terraforming to scratch a living off of. Star Fleet has decided to send in a geological survey team to assess the planet further. Trageon out, *Computer end log entry.