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The Exodus Syndicate - Recruiting active players of all races.

Discussion in 'Darkfall Stratics Forums' started by Arisilde, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Arisilde

    Arisilde Guest


    The Exodus Syndicate:
    One Guild - One Goal - Domination

    Are you looking for a guild with experience and success? Do you have a taste for blood and a flare for battle? Read on and see if The Exodus Gaming Syndicate may be a place to call home!
    About ExGS: The Exodus Gaming Syndicate (ExGS) is a guild that supports multiple games simultaneously through an extremely dedicated management group with an unyielding organization strategy. Our structure is as follows...
    Management: Responsibility to oversee all of ExGS (all divisions) & upkeep of website. Community is their top priority, giving us all the tools we need to feel like a family even if playing different MMOs.
    Branch Manager: Overseer of a division dedicated to a specific-game, final decision maker and liaison between Management and Officers.
    Officers: Handle daily responsibilities that support members of the branch. All officers have a responsibility to stay active and perform duties that aide in the growth of ExGS such as planning and running events. No lame duck officers will exist here.
    Members: Full members of ExGS
    Applicants/Trial Members: Those seeking admission into ExGS who have yet to prove themselves.


    Darkfall Online Branch Information
    Server: North America
    Playstyle: Hardcore PVP
    Motto: Experience Perfection
    Alignment: Evil
    Roleplay: Discouraged
    Crafting: Encouraged
    Kingdom: Of course! - Currently located in a hamlet on the western coast of the Mahirim Tribelands.
    Races: We are a Mahirim/Orc clan, but we also accept other races. Our objective is to keep everyone together so that we all have the support required to flourish in a FFA PVP environment. Therefore, if you join with us we expect you to travel to and bind in our hamlet so you will have the support of your clanmates.
    Recruitment: We are a larger guild (currently 60+), but selective in recruitment. If maturity is a challenge, if you have a problem with killing strangers, if you're scared to fight when outnumbered, please don't apply.
    Purpose: Plain and simple... we have our eyes set on dominating in Darkfall Online. We will be concentrating on establishing territories on a North American server one it opens and owning a guild city. This will be done by maintaining a high impact PVP standing and showing no mercy to our enemies along the way. We are dedicated to being the best at everything we do. We don't expect our recruits to all be experienced killers upon joining, but we do expect them to be willing to learn.
    Teamwork: We believe that teamwork is the key to success. You must be willing and able to follow directions. All of your actions in game must be done with the thought of what is good for the guild. If you help make the guild successful then the guild will ensure that you are successful.
    Active Forums and Vent: Along with teamwork, effective communication allows us to be successful. We have a Ventrilo server that can accommodate 150 users and is divided into various channels for all games supported. While in-game, it is mandatory to be logged into Vent. If you don't have a mic or yours is broken, we still expect you to be logged in to listen to commands given by group/raid leaders. In addition, our forums contain over 62,000 posts in more than 5,000 topics. Needless to say, our community is highly active.
    Events: ExGS will run scheduled events in-game almost every night of the week. Recent events have included; participating in seige defence, group harvesting sessions, exploring Yssam and the center of Agon, and various PvE groups. While we have no hard coded attendance requirement, we do expect members to join in on the events while they are in game. Lone ranger style players will not fit in well in ExGS.

    If this is the atmosphere you desire in a gaming community, don't hesitate to check us out or contact any of the officers listed below for application information.

    Branch Manager: Sraalok
    Officer: Trexel
    Officer: Smokey (Rsix)
    Information Officer: SneakyJes
    Website: Visit The Exodus Syndicate
    Forums: Read up here. Apply in the Lobby.