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The Federation of Hibernia Recruitment

Discussion in 'Dark Age of Camelot Discussion Hall' started by Solicfire, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. Solicfire

    Solicfire Adventurer

    Apr 12, 2017
    Likes Received:

    The Federation of Hibernia


    Tell us about your guild name and how it came about?
    Federation of Hibernia, also known as FoH. Solic and friends moved to Hibernia which at the time was full of fractured guilds. They wanted to build a guild with a friendly name that could represent the realm to its highest capacity while harboring a fun community environment.

    Tell us a bit about your guild?
    My favorite part of FoH is that it is very well rounded. From new players to "old-dogs", we have many different levels of experience to tap into for resource. We have active Officers both is EU and US time zones so we can cover all of our bases on guild involvement/management. We are very hands-on with our members and the amount of help that is poured out from everyone is what makes our community stand out from the rest.

    Are you part of an alliance?
    FoH are leaders of Alliance with 10 active guilds. We run regular RvR, PvE events within the alliance and active mostly around the clock. If you are interested in joining us please find a FoH member and they will get in contact with the Alliance Leaders. You can also apply to our website www.foh.gamerlaunch.com

    What is the day to day life of your guild like?
    Day to day operations of FoH has a lot of activity. We host organized reoccurring public events multiple times a week with different scheduled raids a few times a month. On Mondays, you can find many of our members battling it out in Molvik. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we're generally out in NF fine tuning our "big boy" RvR skills. On Wednesdays, FoH members are storming the Otherworldly questline helping fellow Hibernia players get much desired gear for templates. Fridays are epic battlegroup xp PL sessions for anyone and everyone to join. Saturdays and Sunday generally consist of scheduled raids or just doing whatever together as a realm.

    What playstyles does your guild take part in?
    Aside from our shenanigans and comical relief, we have a wide range of serious players vs. casual, RvR players vs. PvP players, learners vs. teachers, etc. No matter who is online, you can find someone to group with for what your preferred taste of play is or what you need to accomplish. If someone to help isn't in game at that specific time of your need, our Officers are always available outside of game to get a planned event on the schedule. Whatever someone needs, FoH can get it done through teamwork.

    Are you currently recruiting?
    Oh, yes! I would have to say that we are in a constant state of recruitment. New and returning players are coming in every week and active current subscribers are hungry for the sense of community they get a glimpse of when they join our hosted events. Even when we aren't shouting in region about recruitment, we still see new members joining frequently. It's really a blossoming experience to be a part of. At any given time, someone can invite you into guild.

    How does someone contact you if they wish to find out more, or apply to join? (ingame/social media/etc)
    FoH markets events on multiple facets. We have our guild website where our members have access to discussion boards, events, forums, etc. We also post our events on the Regulators Alliance website. FoH utilizes the Armyn Ab Treanid Alliance facebook group to market events. There is a DAoC events page that Lilith admins as well. We are active in multiple DAoC discords with other well-known players across all three realms and we have a small presence on Twitch.tv. Any time of any day, you can find a FoH member in one way or fashion. You can often find that FoH members/Officers have DAoC specific email addresses as well. We heavily use Teamspeak3 as means for communication while in game.
    The Federation of Hibernia Guild Website: The Federation of Hibernia in Dark Age of Camelot on Ywain 1

    If you would like to join us please register on The Federation of Hibernia website: www.foh.gamerlaunch.com and someone will contact within 24 hours.

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