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The woes of a poor online gamer

Discussion in 'TirNua Stratics Forums' started by T-man, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. T-man

    T-man Guest

    Also known as "The woes of a whiny git"

    I... like TirNua, as in I don't see it exploding into a great big ball of fire. However, one thing has irked me. Really, really, irked me. So much so that I hardly play it. The reason? Money. Now, When I say "poor", I don't mean I'm writing this in a box behind a McDonolds, but I mean in that I don't have any spare monies for online games I don't really, really, like. I understand that Taus are so that Luc doesn't have to live in a box, but, it makes the game really, really, boring, unless you pour real-life, hard-earned cash into a virtual world that may or may not, exist the next day. (*Cough* Second Life *Cough*)

    So, really, there needs to be a way in which Tau's can be earned through game play. (Anyone for Pizza?)

    - T-Git
  2. Kiminality

    Kiminality Guest

    This is interesting.
    I don't entirely agree, but I don't really disagree, with the idea of microtransactions.
    The subscription-based model is simple and clean, you pay for access, and there you have it. Although that primarily rewards those with greater player skill, or time (or those that cheat to supplement either of those).
    The microtransaction-based model generally gives two levels. Those that shell out on RMT, and those that don't. Those that do, generally gain an advantage, in what the microtransactions get them - namely things that are desirable in terms of power/benefit/appearance. This is essential, since the revenue from microtransactions basically replace the revenue from subscriptions, so there has to be a reason to buy it, in order to drive sales. Giving the players a means to attain it, through normal (non-subscription-based gameplay) would undermine that.

    I feel your pain, though.
    I sometimes have to allow myself a subscription-worth of microtransations in a month, in order to placate my inner magpie.
  3. Gilly

    Gilly Guest

    I have much the same problem.

    My real interest in The Sims games, TSO, Second Life (if I ever got into it) and now Tirnua, is building, and creating the kind of home and landscape I can only dream about in real life. Then, rinse and repeat. :eek:
    This is fairly expensive to do on a cash basis, and a real slippery slope, budget wise. And it is an expense that is just as hard to justify online, as it would be offline, in real life. rolleyes:

    I do understand the need for a constant cashflow for the game to survive, and I truly am rooting for the game to be successful....but if I can't find a way to recoup a lot more of my expenses, the game will not survive in*my* budget. :sad4:

    The current focus on puzzle pieces and game-within-a-game format to make Tau from the tip jar, is very expense to experiment with, and is unlikely to be profitable for any, but the best puzzle builders, plus, I have little talent in that direction.

    I also do not have any Custom Content skills, which they are saying will be a major money maker for players...eventually.

    So what is the solution? How do they make it possible for ordinary, not so skilled players to pay for the game (or justify the expense), without creating the same problems with expoitation and 'cheating' that exists in other games (and TSO)? :(
  4. Katheryne

    Katheryne Guest

    The best way to eliminate (or at least greatly reduce) the possibility of cheating and exploitation that was rampant in TSO is to not add any money-generating mechanism to the game. By that, I mean that there should be nothing in the game that makes money appear from thin air while interacting with it. Creating an economy where the players themselves bring money into the game through real-world transactions and then circulate it around by buying and selling custom content and services is the best way to keep the game free from the things that had plagued TSO.

    Additionally, there should be very little ready-made content in the game; whatever ready-made content there is should be limited to entry-level stuff to help newbies get established in the game. Everything else should be user-created.

    I've spent several months in Second Life living entirely on the economy, so to speak. One of the best features of Second Life's economy is that it is entirely possible to get around and earn a living in the game without having to spend a single penny of RL money. But it's not easy, nor should it be.

    In my opinion, the best way to set up Tirnua is to give its players a clear incentive to spend RL money on the game, either in terms of subscription or in terms of purchase of in-game money - or both; all the while not shutting the door on non-subscribers. TSO/EAL started to do this, but because the economy was still largely based on in-game money generation, it failed.

    Like the primitives in Second Life, there should be basic building blocks available to everyone - subscriber and non-subscriber alike - within Tirnua, by which its users can create in-game content. By making these building blocks available in-game, Tirnua can avoid the messy problems TSO had with custom content, and players can have the ultimate freedom to create completely unique objects simply by arranging and manipulating these building blocks and overlaying custom textures onto them.

    If there's one important lesson to be learned from the success of Second Life and the failure of TSO, it's this: Except for a gentle correction here and there as needed, Tirnua's designers and administrators need to stay completely clear of the game's economy. Let the players themselves manage it. This means that all money should either come from the outside or from other players in-game; never from the game itself. Although there will always be exploitations and people willing to cheat their way to some perceived success, this method of managing the economy should all but eliminate cheating and exploitations where money is concerned.
  5. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Kat you are quite correct.

    I do purchase some Lindens in SL, a little less then I used to spend on my subscriptions in TSO. Most of my income is from in world transactions. If I were playing Tirnua it would be the same. SL does give a small amount of lindens to subscribers, I believe 500 a week. Personally I've found its more cost effective for me to spend that same 10 bucks buying money which I then spend in world. Tirnua should offer the same opportunities.

    I personally would very much like to see them succeed with Tirnua. If I had more hours in the day I would be there more often to help and yes I would probably plop down 10 bucks a month to purchase Tau, at least until I could use CC skills to make my money.
  6. T-man

    T-man Guest

    But, the proplems with micro-transactions is that they are micro-transactions. The way I see it is that, for the two-year abandonment, EAxis (Yes, I am calling them that now! D:<) didn't do anything about Real World Trading; However, this COULD'VE been void if, instead of a purly cash-based eccomy, they could make it trade based with money only usable for "n00b stuff" and mini-games/gambling/random cash sinks (Food, CC making, ect.). This type of eccomy could be useful so that most stuff is just Item vrs. Item. Subscribers could get (x) amount of cash per week, (While free-players get less). All we need is a labor system that works (and is con-proofed) intergated with Secure Trade.

    (Please note the above was written at 10:34, and will not make sense.)
  7. TSOTori

    TSOTori Guest

    As far as I see it - is this, we spent $9.99 a month on TSO which we didn't mind - because it was already in full force great game that we all enjoyed! TirNua is just starting out, give them a break you guys! I certainly do not mind spending the same $10 bux a month to help them out and DONATE (even 5 bux a month would be good!) To show them that I appreciate all the LOOOOOONG hours they put into this game, FOR US. I so far have had a blast in TirNua! And it wasn't always because I was spending rl money, it's because I am with my TSO friends once more, and we can sit and chat, and joke, and laugh for hours. Yes, the rl cash has "helped" me enjoy it more, but like I said, they are just starting out, adding new stuff, every week! And that's amazing if you ask me! So if you don't like it, fine, you have your opinions on it, the rest of us have ours, and we hope the rest of you will change your tune one day and truly join us in the game :D
  8. TSOTori

    TSOTori Guest

    Oh! Oh! Looookie!! Jobs In Tirnua!!!! Woooot!!!

  9. NikiKing

    NikiKing Grand Poobah
    Stratics Veteran

    Sep 12, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I gotta find time to check out the job. I finally got to planting trees at least! :)
  10. debslee

    debslee Guest

    What she said! :D