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[WAR Official News] Patch 0.28 Goes Live

Discussion in 'Warhammer News' started by WAR Stratics, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. WAR Stratics

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    May 31, 2011
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    We will take the Wrath of Heroes servers offline tomorrow, December 11thth at 7:30am EDT (11:30pm GMT) to implement patch 0.28. At the moment we expect the servers to be back online no later than 10:00am EDT (2:00pm GMT).
    The patch will deliver a new Hero, new Free Heroes and more.

    Patch Changes

    New on the Store
    • Grigori the Kislevite has been added to the Store. See the Hero Lineup section for more information.
    • Ornate Chest: This item has been updated with additional contents.
    • Wood Chest: This item has been updated with additional contents.
    • Look for new items to appear on the store periodically!

    Hero Lineup

    Grigori is here! This veteran Kislevite warrior has joined his blade to the Empire army's cause.
    • Since he is inherently immune to being critically hit thanks to his passive Battle-Hardened ability, Grigori is an excellent counter to enemies who are playing crit-based Heroes, or who have built Mastery loadouts focused on critical hits.
    • Deadly Wound will set an enemy up for punishing attacks from Grigori's teammates - as long as they're ready for it. Communication is key!
    • Dazh's Glory is an excellent candidate for an alternate Mastery loadout for Grigori. When running with a healer-heavy team, the bonus from Dazh's Glory can turn the tide of a battle.

    The following Heroes are considered free and available to all during this week:
    • Skeetk the Warlock Engineer
    • Conrad the Warrior Priest
    • Korith the Shadow Warrior
    • Nethys the Vampire

    Note: Free to play Heroes change on a weekly basis.

    The following Heroes are available for purchase on the store:
    • Aessa the White Lion
    • Albodi the Chosen
    • Amenadresh the Liche Priest
    • The Archivist, Chaos Scholar
    • Bax the Black Orc
    • Conrad the Warrior Priest
    • Drulg the Ogre
    • Durrig the Engineer
    • Felicia the Bright Wizard
    • Glowgob the Shaman
    • Grigori the Kislevite
    • Ikkrik the Gutter Runner
    • Ilanya the Sorceress
    • Korith the Shadow Warrior
    • Korelei the Witch Elf
    • Nethys the Vampire
    • Olwyn the Ironbreaker
    • Ozgrot the Savage Orc Shaman
    • The Red Duke
    • Rydion the Archmage
    • Serkhet the Tomb Scorpion
    • Volrik the Marauder
    • Xuq'ls the Horror of Tzeentch
    • Zathis the Assassin

    Hero Changes

    • Bonechewer is no longer available for purchase on the Store (but can always be played by anyone who has already unlocked him).

    • Piercing Lance: Fixed a bug that could allow this Tactic to remain active when not slotted.

    • Skeetk's passive "Prolonged by Skaven" effect has been removed, and replaced with "Murders Skaven".
    • Fixed a bug that caused problems with Skeetk's death animation.
    • Magnetic Burst: This ability is now correctly respects immunity to Pull effects.

    • Wilhelm is no longer available for purchase on the Store (but can always be played by anyone who has already unlocked him).

    • Explosive Blast: Fixed a bug which prevented this Tactic from triggering correctly.

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