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[WAR Official News] Patch 0.30 Goes Live

Discussion in 'Warhammer News' started by WAR Stratics, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. WAR Stratics

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    May 31, 2011
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    We will take the Wrath of Heroes servers offline today, Febuary 12th at 7:30am EST (12:30pm GMT) to implement patch 0.30. At the moment we expect the servers to be back online no later than 10:00am EST (15:00pm GMT).
    The patch will deliver a new Hero and new Free Heroes.
    Patch Changes

    New on the Store

    • Myledia the Daemonette has been added to the Store. See the Hero Lineup section for more information.
    • Look for new items to appear on the store periodically!

    Hero Lineup

    Myledia is here! This Daemonette has been sent by the Chaos God Slaanesh to bring pleasure and excess to the fields of battle.
    • Myledia's attacks deal magical damage, fueled by her dark god, and will devastate enemies who come close to her. Her Seduction Aura also reduces all damage she takes from enemies standing near her.
    • Myledia's Tormenting Delusions can stagger an opponent in his tracks, while her Agonizing Strike will then deal extra damage against staggered targets. Make sure you use her abilities to inflict the greatest amount of pain!
    • Many of Myledia's attacks deal damage to other targets near her. When fighting Myledia, attempt to stay at range and spread out to minimize the damage your group takes.

    The following Heroes are considered free and available to all during this week:
    • Kaelin the Dryad
    • Rydion the Archmage
    • Ilanya the Sorceress
    • Zathis the Assassin
    Note: Free to play Heroes change on a weekly basis.

    The following Heroes are available for purchase on the store:
    • Aessa the White Lion
    • Albodi the Chosen
    • Amenadresh the Liche Priest
    • The Archivist, Chaos Scholar
    • Bax the Black Orc
    • Conrad the Warrior Priest
    • Drulg the Ogre
    • Durrig the Engineer
    • Felicia the Bright Wizard
    • Glowgob the Shaman
    • Grigori the Kislevite
    • Haurg the Yhetee
    • Ikkrik the Gutter Runner
    • Ilanya the Sorceress
    • Kaelin the Dryad
    • Korith the Shadow Warrior
    • Korelei the Witch Elf
    • Myledia the Daemonette
    • Nethys the Vampire
    • Olwyn the Ironbreaker
    • Ozgrot the Savage Orc Shaman
    • The Red Duke
    • Rydion the Archmage
    • Serkhet the Tomb Scorpion
    • Volrik the Marauder
    • Xuq'ls the Horror of Tzeentch
    • Zathis the Assassin
    Keep an eye out for future additions to the Hero Lineup in weeks to come.

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