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What netxt? (something we can do)

Discussion in 'Kingdom of Lore (Public)' started by Duke Greenspan, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Hey Lore,

    Ok, so I have my 2nd houses done... working on the 3rd one (which mean the old bank in GL will collapse within 2 days), so I have to transfer my Duke Greenspan to Origin very soon....

    I think Eros got a house in Tokun... hm.... can't spell the name, but u know I am referrring to that Japanese style town.... so we really have many houses. According to what I know, we have the following:

    Snow Valley (the main guild area):
    1). Inn
    2). Bar (we need to fix the stair way)
    3). 3 other unfinished plots.

    Stone Valley (or the mountain area - suburban area for guild):
    4). 18x18 fort (serve as guild vault, prison, my personal favour: torture chamber, a meeting hall)

    5). 18x18 town (multi-purpose market area, with soulforge and items for smiths & miners). Depending on the "vote", we will get either a mini rune library or brothel!

    Tokun area:
    6). Vendor shop (own by Eros). I think Eros may have a 2nd hse too.

    7). Seaport

    I am have 2 set of house teleport tile and I am trying to set up a kind of network/link with other houses. So we will need to finalize which houses should be opened for public or not, then we can work on the rune book for the guild house.
  2. Velleri

    Velleri Guest

    Hi Jedi!

    This is Destiny, I think the three plots in the snow valley thingy is going to be a large center plot with two smaller plots to appear as a single large castle. The two side larger plots are just place holders, so we can fit some smaller shops and such within. What do you think?
  3. Poo

    Poo The Grandest of the PooBah’s
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Campaign Benefactor 4H

    Sep 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Dont know if you guys want to add the YAD stronghold into the mix or not.

    Tina Small has a Keep in the forest East of Vesper in Fel.

    its on the water.
    its a keep.

    and just for the record, im voting yes for the brothel.

    keep the path.
  4. Hi all!

    Thnx for the update on the houses and plots! Yup, I have my 2nd & 3rd houses built... Hopefully I will meet u folks sometime during this week, so we can tour around all the houses for:
    A). Finalize the runebook
    B). Connect our houses with house teleport tool... I have 2 sets (or 3, not sure yet), so we can link up things abit.

    c). Decide what we get for our houses.... while it is everyone freedom to decide how u should run your houses, but having like 5 Inns or 6 smith houses are less favourable for the guild as a whole.... let's work it out as a group! =D
    Yup.... don't think it is a bright idea if every is running a brothel too! lol....
  5. Lore Denin (GL)

    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    [OOC] What's wrong with everyone running a Brothel? :)

    However running a brothel in a virtue kingdom will be a fun challenge - when the King coms to vist show him the town "bath house" or "Message Palor"

    Maybe incude a seemingly innocent front room with all the shadiness hidden, etc.

    Give it an innocent name with a double meaning - "Virtuous Hands, Waters of Renewal Bathhouse, etc."

    Maybe we can include a hidding gambling area, casino -

    Lore can get reports on rumors of inaproperiate activities but the crafy brothel owners will always be one step ahead of the investigations... Perhpas finding creative ways to buy off the investigators.

    Just some thoughts on keeping things inline with the Kingdom laws while providing depth and reality to the Kingdom.

    -Lore's Player
  6. Velleri

    Velleri Guest

    *clears throat* Brothel? Lore, you kill me! Nothing to see here sir! *hides scantily clad vixen in the closet* Whew, that was a CLOSE one!
  7. [OOC] What's wrong with everyone running a Brothel? Ans: Cuz u can't do that much! :thumbdown: Lol....

    Ok, be honestly.... how do I come up with this idea??? Just get it from Fable III..... How? Just go to Youtube and type in "Fable III brothel" in search section... and u got the answer.

    In fact it willl be VERY hard to run a brothel.... well mostly base on the game structure itself.... not to mention, we really need a rune library too! So the idea behind is.... we are getting the ppls to vote on 2 very extreme things.... a rune library which most of us need or a brothel...... Even we have a brothel, I can't even fully confirm I can run it funny enough to match everyone's expectation (yeah.... don't go TOOOOO crazy with it....). Yet, we need a CRAZY IDEA to grab ppls attention in Origin to come to our little voting event. :drool:

    To me, it barely affect me too much... a brothel (or bathhouse/***** house) surely sounds crazy for a virtue Kingdom, that's why we may want ppls to speak up their ideas during the event.

    Arrr... anyway.... let's not only focus on the brothel thing..... it is not the only thing for us to run a 1st event in Origin. =D
    Let's think of something else we can also do.
  8. Velleri

    Velleri Guest

    Jedi, there is no way I could run a successful brothel anyway, because I would be trying to talk people into seeking medical advice, std's and all that, hehe! So rune library is a really decent focus. We also discussed and orchard, apple trees and that sort of thing as well as a temple, trauma center and a supply depot. All we can do is see who has the ability to hold on to such a property, and still be able to have a home of their own. The tavern may condemn as I put that on an account that belongs to a friend of mine who no longer plays, and the account will go inactive soon.

    Lore and I assumed that with co owners it may stand for quite some time, as we have witnessed an instance where an account was inactive for over 6 months, but the house it held stood the entire time, and was never IDOC. So perhaps there is some inspiration there, a work around if you will....

    Maybe Sunday evening at our first official meeting we can can discuss more what our kingdom needs. The Inn can serve more as a community building then just an Inn if need be, I had every intention of sharing that location with the community, and am even willing to convert it into something else, should the need arise.
  9. Velleri

    Velleri Guest

    Update for you Jedi!

    I am tearing down the Tavern and will combine tavern with Inn. Lore is going to let me build a garden house! I love Garden houses! *glee* So the garden will be very nice, it will grow all plant types, as well as grapevines and apple trees.
  10. Garden house? Aye, good idea!
    One thing for sure is, we will need lots of orange petal..... or u can always sell some of ur plants in vendors.... some of them worths quite abit of $$$!
  11. Velleri

    Velleri Guest

    It appears there are some houses going up for sale on the Luna "mall" area. Perhaps someone will be able to snag one of them up for kingdom vendors!
  12. Lore Denin (GL)

    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 11, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Lets definitely try for one of those Luna homes. WE'll see what the price range is and see what type of fiunds we can pull together.

  13. The house in Luna? Yeah, it is on bid earlier and ppls are placing their bid on the message board (that in-game message board).... I saw the price boost up to 200mil... which is far too expansive (I did made a bid for 160mil)...

    Hm... let's forget that house and save the money for the 9 cannons ship instead :lick:
  14. Velleri

    Velleri Guest

    There are two other houses for sale in Luna. Look for the vendors that say account sale. They are not selling the account itself, just everything on it.