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Woot, lvl 20 finally

Discussion in 'Warhammer Discussion Hall' started by Beele, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. Beele

    Beele Guest

    I have been spending so much time on crafting, I haven't been leveling, but I finally hit lvl 20.

    Couple of things that I haven't figured out on my own yet:
    1) Where do I purchase a mount? I have been all over Altdorf... as a shadow warrior, should I be looking somewhere else? Or did I just over look a merchant that sells horses or whatever it is I am supposed to ride?

    2) I picked up a mastery skill called "Glass Arrow". Looks like a pretty cool AoE. Only problem is... I can't find it anywhere. It is a combat art, so it should have an icon so I can utilize it, but there isn't one anywhere in my abilities list. Are those not implemented yet?

    Sorry if this should have been in the newb section... it certainly does sound newbish to me :).
  2. Beele

    Beele Guest

    Of course, 45 seconds after I ask that question, I finally found the mount vendor.... Never mind :).
  3. Beele

    Beele Guest

    Since I have this thread all to myself, I will talk to myself some more.

    Why is it that as a lvl 20 Shadow Warrior, I am getting DESTROYED by lvl 14-16 Destruction tanks and shamans one on one? Given that once I am rooted, I EXPECT to be torn to shreds by one within a couple of levels of me, but a tank 6 levels below me? And a shaman 4 levels below me... I couldn't even get him much below 2/3s... I thought Shadow Warriors were supposed to be great damage dealers (I am in a mix of blue and green armor)??? Yes, I know he was healing, but I would have expected to be able to do damage to someone 4 levels below me faster then they could heal (and, yes, I was using my own healing potions to stay in the fight a little longer), or at least have them spending so much time doing heals that they couldn't rip me apart.

    Anyone have any advice?
  4. Mitzlplik_SP

    Mitzlplik_SP Guest

    Gratz on 20!

    My best is 14 atm.I wish I could offer some help in your questions but I have no clue.Them tanks are mean.The only thing I can 1v1 against them is my archmage (and sometimes that is very sketchy) or my WP.Without any healing I get chewed up fast.I love my swordmaster but w/o backup he`s just bait.

    I am curious though.......where`d ya find that horse? :p
  5. Gank

    Gank Guest

    In the scenarios all players are "bumped up" to a given level (8 or 18 for the first 2 tiers) in order to balance things out. They get increased stats and HP, but not the abilities.

    So that lvl 13 tank you're fighting probably has about 5k hp, and does some major damage attacking while mitigating alot of yours.

    I've found that rooting and running works best against stunty tanks I encounter - usually they chase me into a group of allies, and suffer for it. <grin>
  6. phantus

    phantus Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 11, 2003
    Likes Received:
    I run into the same problem with the destro tanks. I'm guessing there is a balance issue. They are more geared for straight tanking and have the HP and armor to withstand the onslaught. I fight them with my witch hunter and my only chance to is get lots of crits, dot in the begging of the fight and take full advantage of moral affects if I'm gonna 1 on 1 them. I can kill them about 1 outta 10 times.

    They are just better at it than anyone else.
  7. Beele

    Beele Guest

    Well, to make it even more painful, I wasn't in a scenario. I wasn't even in an RvR zone, so there was no bumping involved for either the tank or the shaman I fought (I fought the shaman a second time last night... he ate my lunch readily again, but it was a 1/2 hearted fight on my part. I really just wanted to die so I wouldn't have to walk back to the dwarven camp, if he hadn't killed me, I would have kamikazied into the guards he was hiding behind.).

    What really got me is I used the morale knockback to knock the tank off of a 2 story (or level or whatever) ramp. He was below 20% life when I did it, and he lived- I didn't see his health move at all. Later, as a test, I jumped off that same ramp and lost over 50% of my life when I hit the ground. Now I realize that falling damage is scaled so that you take a % damage, not a fixed amount damage, but 50% is 50%- he should have died. To add insult to injury, I couldn't see him because he fell down so far (which means he couldn't see me either, you would really need to see the fight location to understand why), I had no DOTs on me and I was using an elixer of allaying to recover health from just before I knocked him back (he had me down to about 15% when I knocked him off): I died. No idea how, no idea why, just all of a sudden, I received a huge amount of damage from him without him needing LoS or even being within melee range. I almost broke my headset.
  8. Beele

    Beele Guest

    On the plus side, I also just hit my 800th ToK unlock while looking for Destruction newbs to gank- turns out the spot that I figured would be a great one to start sniping from was also a a lore entry. Guess the Devs thought it was an out of the way spot, too :).

    Other interesting facts (to me, anyway):
    106855 xp from tome
    800 unlocks
    351 RvR kills (75 of those as a chicken!!! And, no, I didn't get a single ToK unlock from any kills as a chicken. MAYBE you get one for death blows as a chicken, but that is rather difficult to achieve).
    3783 monster kills... not very impressive to me, but I have been spending a lot of time crafting, too.
  9. Gohl

    Gohl Guest

    Some mastery skills just improve existing abilities/attacks/pets.

    Engineers get a couple of extras to their turrets. Grenade launcher goes from single target to AoE, flamer got an extra AoE attack (This shows in the pet bar, but not in the engineer's ability list) and such things. The upgrades ain't shown anywhere. But so far all of them worked.
  10. Beele

    Beele Guest

    The mastery stuff finally got "enabled" sometime in the last patch or two- I was finally able to select "glass arrow". Now to find a lovely group of greenskins to use it on.

    As an added bonus, I am risking death now to post the fact that I just hit my 1000 ToK unlock.

    You don't get anything special for it :-(.

    Instead, at 777 unlocks (something tells me one of the devs must LOVE Las Vegas or Monaco or something) you get a "badge" that looks like a large book that hangs from your belt. If you don't know what it is, it actually looks like a purse. Makes my elf look even more effete then he previously did. Woot :-(. No reason to have that badge on, I guess.
  11. Beele

    Beele Guest

    Given that 777 got a reward, but 1000 didn't, I was kind of expecting one for when I hit 1111 unlocks. Nada. Sigh.

    Would be nice if they would provide a count of how many actual quests were completed and not just ToK unlocks.
  12. esher

    esher Guest

    Tanks are easier to play for the simple reason that combat engagement is at the extreme of close contact. its easy to chase and hit. ranged is about kiting and harder to master. try kiting with 2-3 adversaries compared to close contact against 2-3 adversaries. The shadow warrior should be very good at 1on1. I say should because I have not taken my SW past lvl 13 for reasons including RvR difficulty, and I can't tell if its an imbalance of skills or poor gameplay on my part. The game is built for team effort, and with a good guild/team the shadow warrior can deal hard damage from long ranges.

    I'll go back to my SW after I master the game as a sword master. For now I enjoy killing at close range since RvR team makeup is still changing so much.
  13. Beele

    Beele Guest

    In EQ2, I was one of the top rangers on the server, and I am still ranked #1 on my server for quests completed- I stopped playing on Feb 28 this year, but I will #1 be until their next expansion comes out since it is impossible for anyone to pass me.

    You don't get to be #1 in any ranking without having something of a clue, though I will admit that this clue hasn't seemed to translate over for me into Warhammer.

    In EQ2, from the start of the game until their current combat developer took over, Rangers and Assassins were top tier DPS. The gear that drop didn't ensure that (and with the current dev, only Assassins are top tier if they rely on gear instead of skills), it required timing, the ability to kite well, and finding "sweet spots" where it was possible to maximize damage. I could do all those things. Kiting 2-3, even over rough terrain, was easy (4 was where it got hard, if not impossible, since it depended on the luck of poisons triggering). I was never top tier geared because I wasn't in a guild that could do play all the right notes at the right times, but personally I hit hard and I hit fast and few people would be disappointed to have me around when I was on my game.

    Here, SWs don't have the damage output I would have expected, and they certainly don't have any meaningful survivability once they lose the ability to stay ranged. What I haven't done is played with my masterys, and I think that is going to be a requiment for me to do better. I am currently just throwing every point into scout line, but for soloing and scenarios, I would probably be far better served with skirmisher. Scout-line seems to be where it is at for sieging and defending keeps, but everything "special" about that line requires standing still for long periods to get the shots off and in scenarios in particular standing still is death.

    The other thing I miss from EQ2 is that I had 3 different ways (4 if you counted poisons) of stopping an opponent in their tracks (or at least slowing them down more than they could slow me down) and I also had a higher native run speed then any other class (if properly spec'ed). Here, I only have one root/slow that is meaningful, and while it is very useful in questing, it never seems to land (or at least stick) in scenarios, which means being down a mastery line that requires me to stop for max damage is just another dead Beele.

    So, my personal problems are: 1) I am still trying to play this game like EQ2, and obviously it is not. 2) I think SWs are going to need additional ways of rooting/slowing opponents if they are using scout line, or scout line becomes useless outside of sieging where that 10% additional distance makes for a nice sweet spot (watching a mage fall off of a keep because they know just that one tap further will put them in range, since you have range on them.... waaaaaaghhhh). 3) I am going to try not to worry about it too much until I am at least high 30s- until then, there is too much gear to be played around with, different builds to try out. I will just keep cursing up a storm when one-on-one flinging arrows against a mage/shaman they will always kill me (in spite of my having good resists), and don't even get me started about those witch elves.

    If nothing else, this will be my toon that I use for questing and getting unlocks. I have a bright wizard standing in the wings for dishing out real damage, particularly in PQs where doing rapid AoEs seems to be the only way to ensure you have a shot at a top quality reward (if you are DPS, from what I experienced in the last two days of running through Gunbad).
  14. Beele

    Beele Guest

    I wrote that last message in three little mini-sessions, so I hope you can read it. Going back over it, I found too many errors to be worth editing :p
  15. Beele

    Beele Guest

    On my 1179th tome unlock, I just got my 1000th quest completed. No title for that, but I did unlock the ability to buy a new trophy, Iron Quest Journal with 1 Gem.

    Woot! I needed a new purse.