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YEAH!!! I got 2 plots in MAGI!!!!

Discussion in 'Kingdom of Lore (Public)' started by Duke Greenspan, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Yup! I got 2 plots!!!!! :danceb:

    but the size is limited to 15x15...... oh well, that's in the town though!!
    And I bet for 5 million for those 3 plots! Now I am broken....

    I think I will giveup the Seaport in Fel..... not sure if I which other buildings (town or fort, both 18x18) in the desert area.....

    Also, I haven't decided what I will build for my 2 new hse.... guess 1 vendor shop for sure.....

    I am planning to move my last 18x18 hse next to Destiny's Garden area.... or maybe even the iceland.... don't know yet...